Real Photo Of Tsunami Hitting Austrailian Coastline!

Fellow woody boater Michael Guthrie of Noosa Dream Boats in Australia had made all the preparations for the incoming Tsunami, the classic woody was all tucked away and the family had all moved to high ground. Woody Boater was in constant contact with Michael, asking for photos of the event. Just like CNN we were prepared.. cameras pointing at the coast. And then it hit…shockingly it all happened right in front of there home. The crew of this woody sail boat were saved. We can all rest easy now. Everyone is fine. Below is the only known image of the event.

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  1. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    To be honest this one is on the edge. That is indeed an image from Australia…But, watching CNN with cameras all over the world waiting for a wave to come in so we could all see destruction was on one side interesting TV, and then just wrong as the reality of a no show from the waves. Even scientists today are claiming that a warning might have not been necessary. We feel horrible for the people of Chili, as a person that was in San Fransisco during the big Quake in the 80's I understand the pain and fear. But many times the reality of the moment is fare less dramatic than the reporting of it. We saw all the coasts and excitement of the doom and gloom, but no one reported on the reality of the normalcy of day to day life. We did. So….I am enjoying the fact that all we have here to worry about…so fare… is 30 inches of snow.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Ha.Part of the fun of doing this site is being able to walk the edge.. And from time to time when one walks the edge .. one goes over it… I still find the humor in the fact that CNN had cameras all over the world waiting for a disaster. That is what we should all be out raged about. The exploitation of bad things that might happen for ratings. I have two words that make my point… Balloon. Boy.

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