Reedville Classic Boat Show Is Back. Woohoo!


It’s not Lake Dora, or Tahoe. But for me it’s better because it’s in my back yard and I could not be happier. For the past years the show was stopped for insurance reasons. With the tireless work of Clif Aims The Reedville Virginia show is up and running again…boats are invited for September 11-13, visitors are invited for September 12th Saturday is the big day, Flea market, food, Boy scouts music and I hope funnel cakes..the show in comparison to others is small, but very cool. It’s mostly large cruisers and spread out around the town in folks back yards and docks. There will be around 20 smaller boats, and a larger amount of stunning cruisers. The back yard deal sounds strange on paper..or web.. but the homes are magnificent Victorian Captian’s homes. Reedville is considered one of the most active fishing towns in America. This year is was #2 Some town in Alaska is #1. It’s also home of WoodyBoater. So we will be a proud sponsor and doing the live reporting thing. Of course I will have to do one boat per post.. The show is centered around the Reedville fisherman’s Museum. And most of the folks in the area come on by and reminisce about the races at Glebe Point were Whirlwind’s and Aristo crafts raced. Also the very next weekend is Smith Mountain Lake… So it’s Woody Boat heaven in September in Virgina. For more information contact Clif at

One of the many Yachts that dock in the back yards of Victorian Homes.

Speed Boats from around the area come out of there barns.
Here is an ariel shot of Reedville, Located on a point off the Great Wicomico River off the Chesapeake bay in Virginia