Reedville Classic Boat Show Starts With A Bang, Ends With A Boom, Pour!

Reedville VA -1

Red sky in morning – On the way to the show.

Well, one thing is for sure. Invite Woody Boater to your show and it will rain. That seems to be the curse of 2015. The good news is that rained out shows are always fun because you are basecly sitting around and chatting it it up with pals you haven’t seen in a while. The other good news is that the weather did OK, for the first start of the show, which can be frustrating since you can feel the momentum picking up.

reedville VA -38

John Rothert showed up in his mighty Whirlwind

Reedville VA -3

All set to go! Nice Glaspar, steam boat, All of it ready

reedville VA -9

Some amazing locally built skiffs

Reedville VA -13

Cool 1930’s Hacker out to deal with the weather while Jimmys boats stayed under cover.

reedvilel va -28

Staib dont got one of these!

reedville va-5

40 bucks at the flea market! That and a $75 Joiner, and other goodies! Woohooo

reedville va 27

Wonderful Whirlwinds at the show.

reedville va -20

Well that says it all! The dang trailer is more than the boat

reedville va -21

Actualy not a bad boat

reedville va -22

A very nicely restored Model 100, B engine. For Sale $17,000 and yes a new 5200 bottom

reedville va -25

A beautiful Wagemaker Wolverene, Long time in the family deal. Very very cool!

reedville va -29

More of the museum grounds, I dont like that sky though

Reedville Va -30

The Wolverene and Model 100 were fantastic sitting there next to the Museum

reedville VA -32

Another look at the main building

reedville VA -35

More of the Lyman for sale. Original top?

reedville VA 51

Now I know why they are called a Coil.

reedville Va -40

Amazing patina starting to happen on an amazing steam boat

reedville VA -43

Keep that wood going

reedville VA-41

NOT $40 bucks. Amazing steeam engine

reedville va-44

Vintage gauges on the steam boat

reedville VA-48

One piston power. Timeless.

reedville va 32

One of the many historic homes on Main Street in Reedville

reedville VA 7

The shot is cool, the sky is NOT

And then Boom! Thunder and a drain DUMP! Like Algonac! Its frustrating because you know how much work went into the event, all the folks that drove to the show setting up there boats, food purchased, volunteers.

Reedville VA -47

All alone Mr Lonely – Tornado Warnings on all our phones! Yikes

reedville va -50

It doesnt look like much, but it was pouring.

And all that’s left near the end is some fun rain music, and John Rothert. HA! All kidding aside, it was a fantastic little show and one of everything was there.  Lets hope that the curse of rain is broken with Texx up at the big 2015 Woods and Water event.  Now if you will excuse us, today is supposed to be a stunning day here in Virginia and I have some Woody Boating to do!

Reedville VA John Rothert

John Rothert made my day more brite. We laughed most of the day about.. well nothing. And thats what good pals are all about

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Rained all day here and will do the same today. No offense, but Texx seems to be the funner, much sunnier side of Woodyboater. If I were running the International, you would be uninvited and Texx would be offered VIP treatment.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      He is, they should, but dont tell anyone. What could possibly go wrong with the weather up in Minnesota in late September? I will add to that, this year at all the rained out shows I have had the most fun! Meeting with folks that are usualy occupied with showing a boat. So its all a matter of perspective

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Don’t have a prop like that. In my neighborhood it would get stolen. Do have a 24X48 That was used on Lockpat II when it had the PT boat motor in it.

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Hum, it rained at the Sunnyland Show too! Texx, put Tavares, FL back on your show schedule next March. John, you’re looking great. Good to see you and your Whirlwind on Woody Boater today. Reedville remains a bucket list item. Maybe next year…

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Think it rained all over the east coast yesterday. If you watched the FSU football game which, to satisfy TV, started in Tallahassee at 11 AM was a soaker. U.F. in Gainesville was drenched too.. But look at it this way…gotta have rain to fill the lakes and rivers. Today here like first day of Fall with morning temps in mid 50s but the sun’s out.

  5. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Glorious sunny day here in southeast Wisconsin! Now the dilemma….

    Packers/Bears or getting on the water with the Ski-Daddler?

    Can you say, “DVR”?

  6. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    The Michigan Chapter had a great event in Port Huron this weekend. A nice dinner run 18 miles down the St. Clair river for dinner on Friday. 50 plus nice runabouts and cruisers at the show yesterday, with only a brief shower in the morning. Thanks to all that attended. We just got back to our cottage with Tiger Lily. Now 55 degrees with 20 mph wind. I think our boating is done for this week.

  7. Clif Ames
    Clif Ames says:

    Matt , thanks to you and all the guys for all your help at the Reedville show. Wet, Wild and Wonderful. Great coverage.

  8. Texx
    Texx says:

    Woody Boater always gets the V.I.P. treatment at Gull Lake / Minnesota.

    Fingers crossed re the weather, so far – so good.

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