Reporting Live From Grand Island Nebraska…. Hey, Were Are All The Boats?

We left Boulder Colorado yesturday at 2 pm, heading east and will be visiting Bill Basler of the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club in Iowa today. Around 10 pm we needed to stop, we see the signs for Grand Island .. Great, boats in Nebraska, it’s a sign. It’s one of those exits thats 5 miles off the highway. So well, its late and we have made the turn… Well….. It all started out as expected, chain this and chain that, and then… like a beacon in the night. Tommy’s Family Resturant. OPEN 24 hrs…. Dear lord, had we just entered the Twilight zone, was it 1959? Was my Woody Boat the newest thing around…if I was towing it..Youbetchya! My wife… my Woodyboatress was not pleased, but we went in. Holy crap… it was perfect…kinda like that lady on Britons got talent. We felt like fools for being so snooty….The food was amazing… best meal of the week…. month. They have a special way of making fried chicken.. ohhh and then we asked Maryln our waitress were a great hotel was… “Well right next door at the travel lodge….I’ll get you a room”…. oh boy… Dang again. Very nice very clean…updated rooms and free wifi…. right here in Grand Island Nebraska…. Perfect.. Now… Grand Island is the largest inland Island in the world.. yup… but not one boat that I can see. Something about two rivers and underground water…Also the birthplace of Henry Fonda and some football player…. Regardless, if you are ever near Grand Island… it’s worth the 5 miles to stop by Tommy’s….it will now be a regular stop when going cross country. Next time I am bringing the boat though.. It will be right at home here…

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    What a coincidence, we stayed at that hotel a while back on our way west. It was our first stop out of St. Louis. I believe we visited Tommy's for diner as well. We went that direction on I-80 just to say we had been to Ogalala, NE of "Lonesome Dove" fame.


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