Reporting Live-ish From Algonac Michigan AKA Heaven.

Photo shot by the new Face Talk feature on the new 4g iphone..A Crazy Woody Boater and Fellow Woody Boater Kim Kadimik out for a tour of the area.

OK this is over night reporting. We arrived here at around just in time for a boat ride. Who cares what time it was. Actually its all relative, it gets dark here at 10 pm..If you have never been here, and I had not. you must erase every pre conceived image in your pin head. It’s amazing. With out a doubt some of the most amazing boating water on the planet earth. It’s like boating in a giant fresh water pool, surrounded by the perfection of nature. mixed in with magnificent boats, beautiful homes and huge tankers. If this is what woody boat heaven is. I am a believer. Also as expected, once you get here one completely understands how and why motorized boats were created here and more importantly grew here into a major industry. It could only really have happened here. . More on that later.

I have to say though, that the town is poorly marketed as a destination.. I hate saying that because it is one perfect little frozen in time treasure. Maybe it’s on purpose.. Maybe that’s why it’s still a perfect little town. No crap… No sleazy motels.. Wait.. maybe its been perfectly marketed.. Maybe because of smart marketing its stayed true to it’s heritage… Maybe the statue deal, and all that surrounds it is a genious marketing tool…… DANG.. It’s genius..Maybe I am here because of marketing…. Dang.. and I am in marketing.. I got marketed… Dang! Again! Brilliant… Maybe I have just seen Michigan as one big empty car factory… Well I was wrong!  Once you are here though, marketing goes out the window…perfect windows by the way…This place is full of perfect little homes with small water creeks behind them full of life and perfect sunshine… Algonac is just like the images from a by gone era. All those images from the Chris Craft books, had to have been taken here. Because its all here, one might think that the old color images by the way are the wrong or faded color, or hand painted.. Ohhh no… it’s dead on…  the most striking feature is the color of the water. Turquoise water. PURE Key West Turquoise.. Or is Key west color.. Michigan color.. It’s amazing. When you see a beautiful Chris Craft zipping by with a Turquoise interior, you understand where that color came from. It was designed to match the water…. I won’t babble on any more, and I could…..I know an image far out weighs words. So.. here goes, more through out the day.. I AM IN HEAVEN!

Hands down the jaw dropper of the show on Friday.. A PERFECT Futura. More on her later. Same owner for over 41 years. The gold is a perfect touch. And yes there are two others at the show. Including Black Beauty who is showing up later.. Dear god, there’s more coming..

Yes this is the tower. The famous Chris Craft Algonac plant tower. The show is happening right here. Like a steeple..

Of course.. The Smith’s.. With Chris at the helm… Note the water color

A perfect little Gar Wood..

Longtime and one of original Woody Boaters John Kadimik from Lake Hopatcong… We are out on MR White, A Perfect, multiple best in show U22.. Yes I was driving.. Did I mention I AM IN HEAVEN…

Another Futura..

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Cocktails anyone?  Stay tuned more to come.. Including the statue dedication on Sunday.. What a perfect setting..
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