Reporting Live-ish From Guess Where?

Our Boulder Bureau corespondent is off to the ends of the earth to uncover more woody boats. Here is his report..As you can tell it is an extensive report..We have more images to come later in the week..A picture can tell a thousand words… I hope..

There is all the types of boats here. In the middle is the really nice water taxis that cost about 100€. Then there are the little black gondela things which are mega expensive. Then there are the water buses. On the far left are private boats which range from home made stuff to Boston whalers.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Now, that's a hoot! I was going to guess the same as the other anonymous. I know, it was a tragedy what happened in Nashville and we do care about the folks that are suffering from their losses in that great city. I would like to extend our sympathy to all of the Woody Boater friends that live in the Nashville area.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    That would be the place with all the canals…..umm, Venice, right by LAX…..

    Or maybe the lagoon outside the Bellagio, in LV? Nah, too small for the Bellagio….

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