ROAD TRIP! We Are Headed To Buffalo!

Which route?

Sorry, no shuffling off to jokes. We are headed north on a hail Mary run to visit fellow Woody Boater Bob Weaver for a special surprise. OK, it’s not that huge of a surprise, but we need to add a bit of drama to a 7 hr way! Either way, we are not in an office, but living the fun of a ROAD TRIP! OK again, its such a lame surprise, that here it is. Bob came through with some amazing NOS never used Wicker Chairs!

Bobs Wicker sisters!

The other sisters all alone, in a closet for years. Our own wicker sisters waiting for adoption. Yes, I am willing to pay for there therapy sessions out on the water.

That’s right. He bought four back in the day for his Elco, and only needed two. So these two have been sitting in storage ever since. Also Bobs got stuff. Lots of cool stuff, and that is always a fun adventure to meet a fellow Woody Boater and drool over his stuff.

OH crap! look at that sign! Thats the one! The one I have lusted after for all these years. Oh boy. Its perfect!

Sorry Bob, I will bring a Towel! So here we go! The long haul. And yes I know we could have them shipped… But whats the fun in that? Woohooo!


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  1. tim
    tim says:

    If your going to drive to Buffalo you may as well put a few more miles on the truck and head up to Muskoka and have a drop in to the Muskoka Discovery Centre in Gravenhurst to see some great antique boats.

  2. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    Matt, if you would like, I can take you by boat to Bob’s house in my 24′ sportsman. Been to his house a couple of times and it is fantastic. Let me know.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Beef on weck isn’t always really beef, but the name is a lot more catch than horse on weck.

  3. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    You should at least stop by our boat shop (I think it is the only acbs chapter funded shop in the country). You will be going right by it and it is full of boats.

  4. Venice Canal Cruise - Road Trip
    Venice Canal Cruise - Road Trip says:

    Hijacking the thread for ROAD TRIP – this gave me an idea to ask…We will be in VENICE next week and looking to hook up a canal cruise on a vintage ride! Is anyone reading this from there or do you know of a classic Chris Craft or Riva owner around Venice that would offer a canal cruise in return for gas and lunch?? Maybe a write up in WB?? thanks for any ideas that you can offer. Eric

  5. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    Vintage snowmobile in the picture, SnowJet? NICE Collection, more pictures please.

  6. Terry H.
    Terry H. says:

    I agree on the sign. Saw it as a stain glass piece etched in the front of Mertaugh’s, the original Chris Craft dealer in Hessel about 15 years ago.
    Still there? And yes I need the chairs too..

  7. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    I’m going to miss your plaid chairs. We still need to make some blankets in that plaid… haven’t forgotten.

  8. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    The chairs are Great! I’d love to have a pair for my cruiser. Ask Bob if he knows of any others available and when they stopped making them. Wicker chair history?

  9. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Did my own road trip this afternoon, but we cruised right past Buffalo and ended up in Cleveland. I did not see any whicker chairs or WoodyBoater mobiles on the highway.

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