Sandusky Ohio Fall River Cruise. DANG!

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Ho, chee moma, that is one amazing setting

As promised a report from Rich and the Sandusky River Cruise.. Wow, how beautiful is that? Thanks to photographer Mike Mainheart for some very nice images.

Lyman Country: Sandusky, Ohio!
How often does a boating event draw as many Lymans as Chris Crafts? Saturday October 8th was one of those times, when the North Coast Ohio chapter of ACBS hosted the First Annual Sandusky River Run. Sandusky is home port for Lyman, which made wooden boats here from 1875 – holy moley! – through 1973.

We stumbled onto one of those incredible fall days with clear skies and 80 degrees – a big improvement over the horizontal cold rain that graced the prior Saturday, the original date for the event. It really is better to be lucky than smart.
The boats slipped into the water and headed upstream towards the city of Fremont, Ohio, about 12 miles away. Along the river, elegant cormorants and egrets watched our procession pass by lush farmlands, dense woods and riverfront summer homes.

Chapter president Jeremy Goldstein led our flotilla in his 23-foot Lyman Offshore, guiding us around the few spots in the river that might prove unfriendly to boats.

Sashay, a glorious 22’ Deluxe triple-cockpit CC owned by John & Kim Vorhies

Once back at Jim Leasor’s Memory Marina, which hosted the event, we were treated to a barbequed chicken lunch at Jim’s Tiki bar – complete with palm trees – where the mid-summer feel was stronger than ever. Thanks to Gary DeShettler for organizing the lunch and for making the fabulous apple crisp and applejack, both from produce harvested from his riverside orchard.

Tiki Bar Fun

What a great way to end the season here on America’s North Coast, river-running at about 25 mph in the Indian Summer sun!
Watch for the October date in 2012 for the 2nd Annual Sandusky River Cruise. You and your boat are most welcome to join us. Email

Sylvia, a 19’ CC barrel-back now owned by Rich Marschner & Wiley Cornell. she looks fantastic Rich.. Dang, what was I thinking? Is it Ok to covet someone elses boat, when it used to be your boat. Geez, what is that called? Long lost lust? ???

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      • Capt'n Crunch
        Capt'n Crunch says:

        This is the MN. Capt’n. Did’nt mean to step on anyones name. Sorry to say, it was earned. Lake superior…. 40 foot Bennatau….unattentive helmsman….Ya….you get the picture…….

        • Texx
          Texx says:

          No problem, thanks for clearing that up. We lost track of Kaptain Krunch from VA/FLA and were wondering how he was doing.

          We will recognize you as the original Capt’n Crunch from MN, and thanks for tuning in to Woody Boater…

  1. Bob Michael
    Bob Michael says:

    I was doing a search for pictures of the Sandusky River and stumbled upon the beautiful one at the top of your website. It was a pleasant surprise to see in the background, Michael’s Grove, the property that has been in my family for almost 130 years. I was actually down there on that day watching your parade of phenomenal boats cruising up river.

    I look forward to watching again this fall.

    Thanks….Bob Michael

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