Sausage Day From Our European Adventure


A 2Cv hauling ass through town with a bride in the back. Yup, it’s gonna be that sort of day!

Today we head home though London and arrive in DC at 8pm. As we travel we thought it would be fun to share some of the odd scraps of stories in our newest tradition, Sausage Day, where there is no real theme to the story. Just a mess of dumb photos and one off thoughts. What is fun about today for me, is hopefully it makes the entire trip more real. Because in the end, its the dumb little things that are sometimes the most defining. Lets start with food!

The never ending look of confusion regarding menus. It is official, we have eaten one of every cute animal on the planet. We were waiting to find a Puppy stew someplace, or a kitten soup? Heck even the shrimp were cute with there little eyes looking at you

Small restaurant, small table, but that pepper shaker said it all. And yes the owner had big feet as well!

To be honest the best meals were at home before dinner. Near the end of the trip this became our meals. All fresh and from local stores

Every day!

Every night

In every country, the homemade meals were the absolute best. This one in Germany

And sometimes you have to improvise when you don’t have a cork screw.

And in the end, its really all about the Geloto. It’s not as fattening as Ice Cream so its OK to have two

Okay what about the rest of the stuff in the sausage!

Now, the definition of what a street is is a loose meaning here. Insane

All of a sudden, owning a small Fiat makes complete sense in Italy. Not anyplace else mind you, just Italy.

But in Germany its an entirely different story. – BMW Museum

The perfect color for a little 2002 ti

One of my top 10 fun cars to drive, a Z1 BMW, and there it was in a museum. I was shocked that I had owned or driven so many BMW’s. It used to be a thing with me.

Yes that’s me in 198? In Germany when I worked on the BMW Account as an Art Director. I was on a photo shoot, and drove the crap out of this car through the alps

Strangely enough, it was the Gardens in Venice that were so amazing

Amazing window creepy yet stunning art – Venice Italy

Not sure why but I love the road designs. They are simple and make bold statements. I said, I was odd.

Door bells in Venice. I even thought, why in the hell am i shooting this? But its cool, and a detail that says so much about a place. BTW, all these photos are on my iphone, not the Nikon 7200 Also looks like there is an apartment for rent in Number 1 there

A gift. What are the odds of this making it one piece home?

All this beauty around and and then this. I suppose it’s about the texture of it all.

I find it fascinating that people feel the need to do this. but it makes such a powerful contrast of our best and worst! Ferry Boat Lake Como

Okay it must be about time to end the trip, I am taking pictures of Garage doors. And the Boatress with a sack of pastry.

NOOOOOO! Its almost over!

So, that it, back to ebay stories and boat shows. maybe a cool something or other. We have a couple cool stories coming, and some changes to Woody Boater. So stay tuned and Arrivederci from Italy!

She got a little lost in the moment! But all of us did. Thanks so much for tuning in and making it fun for all!

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  1. Tom McGowan
    Tom McGowan says:

    Safe travels home. Really enjoyed the daily travelogues. You should think about organizing a WoodyBoater tour of Lake Como. I am guessing you would make a great tour guide.

    • Dennis J Mykols
      Dennis J Mykols says:

      My wife Ronnie works for a unique little travel agency, called Small and Elegant Hotels, which specializes in boutique European Hotels. She has many in Italy including Venice and around the Lake Como area which she has personally visited, so if you guys have been enticed by Matt’s trip, give her a call and she can hook you up with some great accommodations! Here is the link to her business page:

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I am off line for a couple of days and what to I come back to but “Sausage Day”!

    Thanks Matt!

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Love it. I have often done the same cheese, sausage, bread and other small items meals when in Europe.

    As for the crazy streets, I had a brief argument with my father about whether a pathway in Portugal was a street or a sidewalk. Curvy and it kept getting narrower until barely wider than the side view mirrors. He finally gave up calling it a street when we came to the stairs at the end, but the little VW made it up. Good thing because backing out wouldn’t have been easy.

    Safe travels!

  4. Don P
    Don P says:

    Safe travels. Thank you for sharing your trip I’m thinking it’s time to go back to Italy next year for a little R&R.

  5. Red Dog
    Red Dog says:

    Standing next to the BMW if you would have had darker hair, you could have passed for Dan Ackroyd in “Spies Like Us”

  6. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    I loved the street signs in Europe too. This was taken on our drive from Lake Como to Switzerland. And if you really want to extend the experience, get speeding tickets in Italy and Switzerland. They show up 3-4 weeks later and are like little postcards you can’t understand.

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