Smith Mountain Lake.The Tahoe Of The East.


Woody Boater is booked and ready to go. Sept 19th. This is a beautiful setting here in Virginia for your Woody Boat. Mountains, A Lake, the name Smith…What more do you need? How bout some great folks with southern hospitality. And Bingo. You got yourself a great weekend of classic boating.

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  1. HotStuff
    HotStuff says:

    Just found your site (I guess thats what you call it) really enjoy all the reading. I have been a member of the Smith Mountain Antique Boat Club for several years now and have attended the past 6 shows. I can say that each year it gets a little better. This year the show has been moved back about 3 weeks so I think the tourist crowd will be down some (not that it was ever crowded) but now the weather should also be a little cooler hopefully. I have shown my ’64 ChrisCraft Supersport and sold it 2 years ago at this show. As last year I will be bringing my restored ’78 Mercury Powered Tunnel Hull Hydro (Hot Stuff) and also again will be setting up my vendor display of boating nostalgia and collectibles.This is a great show and really worth attending if you can.
    I hope the Jersey Skiffs can come back this year, two years ago I had the unbelievable experience of riding in “Hot Tub”, that was the wildest boat ride I have ever had. If you ever get the chance to be a passenger in one of these, it will be a ride you will remember!
    Hope to see you there.

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