Some Final Thoughts From Sir Steve Lapkin


The guys sent me this image from their road tip. You know this image will be used over and over again!

Todays story is going to be more words than pictures. Steve’s words, and Dusters two images say it all, and I am so beyond grateful for sharing all this craziness with us. You have to sit back and think for a second the commitment to all this. The trip is not easy. It’s long and very expensive, and the time and commitment from the folks in New Zealand is also over the top, yes, from down under. UGH. THANKYOU! Here is the copy Steve had written which I saved for last.


Homage to our boating brethren of the 45th Southern Latitude
Words and Imagery by Steve Lapkin

“Prior to departure”: fasten your seatbelts…“50 things New Zealander’s do that you may not understand!” Here’s What it’s all about (“Alfie”.)

Prior to departing the land of kiwis, 3,800 lakes, and a countryside replete with grape fields, souring mountainsides, and charming villages, New Zealand has things they do that are normal to them but not to other countries. New Zealand is at the top of the list when it comes to unusual quirks as you may see here in this finale…this closing visual homage to wonderful on-the-water activities at one of the southernmost GPS spots on the blue planet.

For 24 years, host/organizer Pete Rainey has produced the “New Zealand Antique and Classic Boat Show.” In the previous postings, as you have already seen from Philip (Duster) Andrew’s clicks, HIS clicks, mind you, not mine, his fellow woody boaters are truly incredible, if not matchless, in what they do on-the-water and HOW they do it.


As one of only three American’s onsite (now my 2nd visit to this annual affair,) it strikes me that this is NOT a boat show but rather a gathering: a jamboree…a bazaar…a celebration…a shindig…a bash, for better words. The Kiwi’s don’t hold back in what they do with their boats. They throw in everything including the dining room table, bathtub, swimming events, a sail regatta, a skiff and rowing shells, a steam engine (or 3)… such that every member of the family, including one-of-a-kind Alfie, is enjoined.

Through my eyes, and lens, I witnessed these unredacted moments.

Nothing is censored or obscured.

Thats the red button, do not press the red button, what ever you do, DO NOT PRESS THE RED BUTTON. Steve, do not do that.. Steve…NOOOOOOOO

Here is the full Monty; the full reveal; the unmasked boating lifestyle at the 45th south latitude on the blue planet.

What Laura and Tim Robinson, and I, got to appreciate is now here for your enlightenment, enjoyment, and wonderment as well. For posterity.

HERE is homage to a wonderful group of boating friends…always. This is MORE than a boat show. It’s a seat at the dining room table with incredible human beings! Kia Ora and Cheers! SL

Enough said!


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    We need more classic boating “shindigs” around here. It is evident these nice people know how to have a good time and don’t worry about formality!
    Thanks again Sir Steve, Duster and Matt. It was fun watching!

  2. Dan Overbeek
    Dan Overbeek says:

    That show was fun! Thank you Steve, Duster and Matt! It was nice to see so many different boat types all in one show and the folks there having a blast!

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    From the home of Burt Monro, builder and racer of “The World’s Fastest Indian”. The movie possibly gives us an idea of the Kiwi spirit, as well as the NZ sailors of the 4 time America’s Cup winners. Unofficial statistics reports the island nation has the most per capita boat owners of any other nation. Beautiful, seemingly unspoiled and great show coverage. Well done Steve.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    “Whats it all about Alfie” Boy we are giving our age away now. I believe that was a song, and a movie from the mid 60s. Thanks for a great week of fun. Steve, Duster, and Matt. Greg is right. We need more “shindigs” at our boat shows. Even if you just flip the Registration Table over after all are singed in and launch it. put an old Johnson on it. Then cruise the show, while drinking from one of those water bottles.

  5. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    Nice to see my picture that I posted to the comments the other day… I am getting refresher instructions how to shut the hydro down in case he strokes out. That was at last Octobers Mahogany & Merlot at 55 mile long Lake Chelan, in eastern Washington, fjord-like lake. I guess that is “Artistic License” that we all know Matt has.

    Separately, thanks for the coverage Steve! Let’s catch up next time you are in Seattle!

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