SPLASH MOB This Weekend, Saturday, Fleets Bay VA

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Beach Party

This weekend we are gonna try and practice what we preach. A SPLASH MOB! Looks like around 10 WoodyBoaters are going to gather and have BBQ and enjoy everything the Chesapeake Bay is known for, warm beaches and fun boating.

Not the actual location, but the same type of area – THis is Mill Creek, the entire bay near us is like this

So where is Fleets Bay you ask? Near Whitestone of course. Where is Whitestone? Near Kimarnock. You get the drift here. To be more clear, near the mouth of the Rapohanock River and the Chesapeake Bay. There is a little bay called Fleets Bay, and an area called Ceder Beach,  A great place for a bunch of Woody Boats to show up and enjoy watching varnish age.

You can see on this satalite image, there are some soft shallow areas and where the beach is, a drop off so you can motor right up to it. We do not have a depth finder, so its a slow go sometimes. but fun since its soft sand.

Oreo likes the beach

How is this happening? Fellow Woody Boater Eric Zelman ut together this fun event. This is something we all do around here every weekend. But not really together!

Scarlet will be there. Sans Stinky who is in a deep Valve related Coma!

Splash MOB is on!

Saturday July 21st / Rain date Sunday July 22nd

Meet at Eric Zelman’s house between 9-10 AM, boats in the water by 11. Depart by 11. Those of you who might go directly to the beach, we should be there between 11:30-11:45.

Does this help? I didn’t think so. Does it help if i say take a left at the dirt road? If you hit the water you have gone to far?

11 AM we can depart the docks, tour out of Tabbs Creek and head for Cedars Beach. We will anchor in the sand on the back side facing Anti Poison Creek, see attached map. Picnic, socialize, Boaters that want to use Robbin’s Boat Ramp in White Stone, link for Robbin’s http://www.nstarfire.com/boatyard.html

You can enjoy the warm waters of heaven

Exit Anti Poison Creek YES THAT IS. THE NAME!  and head straight for the beach in Fleets Bay. Boaters that want to come south from Reedville would skirt the coast passing Dividing, Dymers, and Tabbs Creek. Here is a Photo with the ramps here on my street and the empty docks available to tie up to.

A couple of you asked about bring your boat over on Friday, that works, just give me a call. You can put it in then or wait until Sat. morning.


I will provide pulled pork, buns, slaw and chips. Please bring your own beverage of choice, any other snacks if desired and a fold up chair or blanket. This is a rural natural beach, so the facilities are the grasses or the bay! If you arrive early at my house, feel free to use the bathroom in the pool screened porch area.


If the weather looks bad we will make the call to change to Sunday (the same schedule) by 7 AM. If fleets bay looks too rough we can just tour the creek and picnic here.

Does this help?

How about this? This is easy?

For those of you in Europe? We are on the east coast, Mid Atlantic area. Captain John Smith explored this entire area. So from England its been done. ALL GOOD!

White Stone, VA YOU CAN EMAIL E, Matt@WoodyBoater.com and I will forward your stuff to Eric. I am sparring Erics email the exposure.


PLEASE NOTE! THIS IS NOT! NOT! AN OFFICIAL ANYTHING. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SELF. NOT AN ACBS EVENT, NOT A WOODYBOATER EVENT. NO INSURANCE!  Sorry, but we need to be clear here since insurance is part of how events and shows are done. This is NOT one of those. This is a bunch of folks just meeting up and eating, boating and laughing. YOU MAY GET A SUNBURN, SUNBURNS are the SUNs Fault, so you can take that up with Mother Nature. If your boat sinks because you forgot to put the plug in or your boat is a ticking time bomb, thats your fault. Make sure your insurance is up to date with Hagerty. If you run over a Turtle and sink, you can take that up with your eye dr. If you break down, we will have cameras there and take your photo and make fun of you. If your boat blows up. We do have BBQ and we may use your boat to warm up the food. Mahogeny smoked food might add a little something. If your spouse hates everyone, gets drunk and smacks another person. We will use that on Instagram. – Younger people like that sort of stuff. WE NEED MORE YOUNGER PEOPLE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Too bad I am going to miss this. My outlook for the weekend includes seeing Mayer in Hammondsport at the Winecountry show, but I doubt he will have pulled pork waiting for me.

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Went to Hammondsport once….Was surprised when I saw them pulling the docks out of the water when the show was over…
      The race to PennYan & back was fun and the vineyards on the shoreline were beautiful.

    • Johnny V.
      Johnny V. says:

      If you get a chance stop by the judges trailer and introduce yourself-always good to meet a fellow Keuka Laker who likes wood boats.

  2. FrankofFalmouth
    FrankofFalmouth says:

    I dont have any of my many 🙂 woodyboats in the water this season but have been assured Ill get a ride so Ill be there! And it sounds like it”ll be bringing some “Whirlwinds out of the woodwork” and Ive been remiss in not connecting with local-ish fellow WoodyBoaters. Its a nice drive drive down the Northern Neck of Va and will bring back fond memories of my youth camping near “Lively” Virginia… So you there!

  3. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    If Dave Bortner leaves NOW from Minnesota he can be there in time with your pre-war twin engine Sportsman. And I know his loud shorts will look great in the pictures you publish on Monday.

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    John in Va will bet there….Going Boating!
    With girlfriend and other friends….hope for go weather….

  5. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Well, West Michigan will be rained out ALL weekend. This has been one awful boating summer. 90 + degree days with 75% humidity on Memorial day and 4th July weekends, Cold and rain May, now this. We have had no rain to speak of since May 31st, so we need it, but not during this boating weekend where my son and his family are up from Charleston to visit. We planned three days of boatin’ this weekend, but NO…

    • tparsons56
      tparsons56 says:

      Yep – For Saturday here in Michigan the Weather Channel has it at 90% chance of rain, Accuweather has it at 60% chance and the NWS has it at 50% chance – I’m going with the NWS. The real weather, however, is when you poke your head out the window on Sat. morning and see if it’s raining.

  6. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    If my son was not here this weekend, I would have hitched up the Coronado, and traveled over to join you guys. That area looks like a cruisin’ back bay heaven…

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