St Michaels and Lake Tahoe Next Weekend….Ahhhhhh


Here we go again another year with two cool shows on the same weekend. Here is how you can visit both…… First you go to the show closest to you. So lets say you live in Washington DC….. You whiz on over to the St Michaels Show on Friday morning. Say hi! Walk around … Be seen by all the ACBS big wigs that are there for the quarterly meeting… Then at lunch time eat and laugh… Point out some flaws on some of the boats and then tear out of there invisible like to the airport and make the 2pm flight to Reno. … Here’s the trick, that flight is lets say 5 hrs. You get 3 hrs for the time difference. So you arrive in Tahoe lets say around 6pm Tahoe time, …. Walk in and say hayyyyy! Wow that sure is an amazing boat you got there. Have a cocktail and make a fool of yourself… This is key so they will remember you… Laugh… and tell jokes… OK tear back to the airport and grab the red eye. You will be in Baltimore by 7AM show up to the St Michaels show and do your judging thing. That usually ends around noon. Then tear outta there and back on the plane. NOW, you will need to explain why you are late and how you missed the day at Tahoe. This is were WoodyBoater comes in. I will ..hopefully be posting photos from the show that day. You can look at them and say.. mmm. I was here, didn’t you see that amazing.. fill in the blank..Its easy, Paul Robinson will no doubt have some killer Garwood there, just brag on that… Most likely it wont be incomplete because the show was moved up this year… Make a comment about that and have a drink… You know the drill, back on the plane and you are back to St Michaels…… There you have done two shows at once. The sad thing, is that I would love to do that, it would be fun and be a great story. But what am I doing that weekend? Moving! Now that is exhausting just thinking of it.

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    After boarding the plane, the passenger asked the stewardess "How long will it take to get to Reno?" The stewardess replied "Were not sure, we have never made it all the way!"

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