Stinky And WECATCHEM Are Together At The Spa!

marina we 12

Sanded, lettered and getting ready for more coats. Her original Red interior sample waiting to be done!

This week while on a production for work in the NYC area we had an opportunity to visit our pals at Katzs Marina. We also brought Stinky to have her Van Ness repaired engine installed and any small issues on Stinky fixed.  We also got a chance to see the update on WECATCHEM and her varnish. The speed and quality of work done at Katzs is insane.

marina we3

3 more coats to go!

marina We1

Alan matched her type perfectly. We chose gold after all since she is used so much and varnish turns the silver and alum over time gold anyway

marina we 8

VA 1948 WB and Allen Johnson

marina We 2

All her parts are getting refinshed for the next 60 years of life

marina we 24

Every room in the shop has some WECATCHEM part in it! This boat is massive

WE marina55

WECATHEMS engine cover. She needed some repairs. Note the Hull Number penciled in near the bottom! Original magic. To think that back almost 70 years ago, a man wrote that on there never thinking that one day some folks around the globe would see it. Dang!

jose 2

Jose, sanding, more sanding, and more sanding!

Jose 1


marina we 20

Stinkys engine all ready

marina we 30

She is waiting for her beauty treatment

Marina 7


marina we 31

This amazing Century is getting close to being done. This thing is AMAZING. Your head snaps around so much, you get dizzy. Hell even looking up is insane!


Parts, parts and more parts!

Marina 1

Smart ass pals are there as well! Alan and Bob!

Marina 4

Bottoms being painted and getting ready for summer on the lake

Marina Header

Just another crazy day at the marina!

You can visit Katzs Marina buy clicking here. But really if you are in the New York area. its worth the drive.

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    The heck with the boats, I think I have “Finish Room Envy”. I can see myself in Wecatchem’s finish from here!

  2. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Rabbit had her varnish refresh last fall, had one quick spin of the lake in mid October and then straight to the boathouse for her long winter sleep. The boat house reeks of varnish. What a sweet smell. I hoped to wake her up this weekend, but it snowed here in Minneapolis/Wisconsin last night, so it may week another night.

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