Sunnyland Reminds Us All That Woody Boating Is An All Year Event! The 14th Annual Winter Park Concours d’Elegance


Fellow Woody Boater Terry Fiest and Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars.

Thanks to Brian Keenand Ed Petitti from the Antique Boat Center and  for sending us in a nice report from Sunny Florida. Take it away gents! OH, and shorts are so last month!


Loooong time fellow Woody boater Pete DeVito’s 1957 Chris Craft Capri.


Bruce Kester’s 1962 Correct Craft.

The Sunnyland club exhibited ten boats among all the Classic & Antique cars, Muscle cars, Rolls Royce / Bentleys and some very nice new vehicles. The crew was Terry Fiest, Bill Robbins, Jack Magri, Jack Bingham, Bruce Kester, Bill Root, Pete DeVito, Jim Dunn, and from Antique Boat Center Brian Keen and Ed Petitti.


Brian Keen with a 1948 Chris Craft Custon.


Bill Robbins 1950 Chris Craft U22.


I am not sure what Jack Magri’s showing the size of there. But it if you’re gonna tell fish stories, GO BIGGER! – Jacks 1942 Gar Wood.


Jack Bingham’s 1954 Chris Craft. maybe the hand genstures are gang signs?


Terry Fiest’s Truck and 1956 StanCraft.


Jim Dunn’s 1954 Larson Falls Flyer.


Bill Root’s 1962 Shepherd.

Winter park 2015 Clean

The header today shows the layout. Photo Brian Keen

Thanks guys, now if you will excuse the rest of us poor slobs, we will go turn the thermostat up!

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  1. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    At least some folks get to enjoy their runabouts this time of year… Out here in the great northwest we’re experiencing our third straight day of heavy rain and high winds! On top of that I’m sitting at home with my two littles and we all have wonderful chest colds… Maybe some brunch bacon will cheer us up?

    • Dave Nau
      Dave Nau says:

      Mostly sunny and 65 degrees here in Cleveland today. Did my last gasp cruise last week and winterized the two boats today. Turning lousy by weekend, but I’ll take it – been a great fall this year!

  2. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    55 degrees, 50 MPH winds, light rain at about a 45 degree angle – I’m watching my Costco shelters try to fly away, but the Dakota and Sindbad’s original trailer are keeping them grounded. – I always tie the shelters to the thing they are protecting – A boat ride would be a bit wild today – sort of like any given afternoon on Chelan or the Snake… 🙂 Hope no trees decide to give up and hit the house/shop – power is blinking and we have lost the internet a few times already this morning….

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Super nice here today. 54, sunny winds at 10 mph. One could in theory go boating, but you would have to hurry up and winterize before the weekend.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Wow, a major celebrity, Wayne Carini, lol, But the real talent is his “mechanic of older cars” Roger Barr, he’s quite a character, always good for a laugh, a Shakespeare quoting, white haired curmudgeon who knows how to tune Dusenbergs, rebuild Shebler carbs, and get neglected Ferrari’s to start.

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