Take A Break From 2008. The Wellesley Hotel In Thousand Island park NY. The Real Deal.

The Wellesley Hotel in the 1000 Islands is a must visit. If you are up there for the boat show in August. Head over to Wellesley Island and to TI park. There sitting right in the middle and the crown Jewel of the Island is the Wellesley Hotel. In fact its been there since 1906. And in some sense nothing has changed. Yes, it’s been restored, and yes there are phones and running water. And without a doubt the best restaurant in the 1000 Islands. It’s been updated in a way that you don’t notice the updates. And that is the best part of this hotel. You never feel like you are in a Disney version of history. When you are there it’s as if you are there in 1906. It’s a very cool feeling. Something that is very rare in the world of Wi Fi, Facebook and Twittering. For me taking a vacation back in time to a simpler time and slower pace is more of a vacation than staying in a corporate hotel, eating processed food full of people that are there for the marble tile bathrooms. If you come by during the Antique Boat Show, stop by and say Hi! We will be there. On the front porch. In our spats.