Take A Robot Or Human Tour Of Sierra Boat Co On Lake Tahoe! Guess Which One Is Better!

sierra Boat co video-2

The only place were a Century is tops over a Riva!

Thanks to the good folks at Sierra Boat Co on Lake Tahoe for providing world class support for the Classic boat community for decades. This years ACBS International Show in September is set to be back at Sierra Boat Co, and if you are thinking of going, but have no idea what your going to, these two videos will give you a real good idea.

Sierra boat video 1

Tour the work areas and storage area

Except that the entire dock area is jammed with the top boats on the planet. The folks on the West coast take this sort of thing to the extreme. Including extreme fun we might add. The first video is a robot from the yellow pages.
And the other is an older video by Martine Bocquet, but well done and by an actual human being. It has over 3,000 views, the Robot has 18.. Anyway, here is to humans!

If you are interested in going, start looking for rooms now. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE ACBS PAGE!

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  1. J Funk
    J Funk says:

    Watching these SBC videos over a hot cup of java really takes the chill off an otherwise cold and grey midwestern winter morning. Thanks, now I feel better.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I like both videos. The printed information on the robot video is nice, but I will admit that the human video feels more natural as if you are really walking through Sierra Boat Company.

    Should be a GREAT event!

  3. Gary
    Gary says:

    These videos are great and say a lot more than still shots. But there is one thing I noticed, not a single trailer. Who stores the trailer?

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      I suspect most of these boats don’t have trailers. On a number of bigger lakes boats are rack stored until the owner wants to use them at which time they are launched with a “Bull”. (an overgrown forklift)

  4. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    i think if i was that riva owner (which i am not$$) i would require the top spot! i am sure it is fine but those pipes look awfully small!

    • Shep
      Shep says:

      I agree that they look flimsy and the blocking under the boats are not supporting the bottom substantialy. …and I bet they said you must carry your own insurance!

  5. Hank the Plank
    Hank the Plank says:

    So the last several days the photos have been blurry! The ones you could tap and enlarge enlarged clear (ie: the indoor boat show) who wants to do that with every photo? Yea I no I’m getting old, can’t hear can’t see can’t drink as much beer as I used to can’t…ah never mind that one. Anyway is it just me, my iPad or what?

  6. Matt
    Matt says:

    These photos are blurry since they are screen grabs from the video which is low resolution. One way to check is to click back on other stories and see, or if the banners are sharp, then it may be the photo

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