Take The Mystery Out Of Working On Your Classic Boat This March At The Antique Boat Center. .

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If you are like me.. OK first, I am sorry if you are like me..There is medication by the way… But if you are, working on your classic boat can be a rather intimidating thing.. What if you screw up? What is the right screw? What if I I use the wrong stuff? And is my boat the one I want to try it all out for the first time..Well.. The ACBS Symposium at the Antique Boat Center is the thing for you.. I went last year and it was fun as all get out… And on top of that I got to try stuff out with some adult supervision, and take the mystery out of working on my boat.. The folks at The Antique Boat Center are amazing and make this a fun weekend as well. There are hotels close by and easy to get to.. And better yet.. around 60 beautiful boats to go look at and play with… Thanks to Dick Warner for bringing back these wonderful ACBS Symposiums that have been a smash hit.. So sign up now… And learn the special trick of fixing dents..

LOCATION:The Antique Boat Center—Cincinnati, Ohio DATE:March 10 & 11, 2012 (Saturday and Sunday to noon)

In this image from last year, we are all learning how to hold our drinks while talking about boats.. You will learn all the tricks.. Left hand cup hold, or right? Do you lean on your left foot while holding the cup with your right hand? laugh all you want, ever been to a boat show, this is mostly what you do.. And without spilling the drink all over the boat you are looking at.. Serious stuff for the Woody Boater code!

SUBJECTS:Laminating new decks. An alternative planking techniques to eliminate seam separation. How to remove broken fasteners. Use of epoxy to repair split planks. Making new planks and then fastening them in place. Removing old deck seam material. Fairing the hull sides with power and by hand. Bleaching, staining and varnishing. The repairs of splits in the deck planks, gouges in the side planks and checks in the varnish. Filling in and painting the deck seams. General engine maintenance. Finishing up with how to inspect a boat for purchase.

Everyone who attended the workshop at the Antique Boat Center last year said it was the best they ever attended. A lot of hands on experience with great instructors.

INSTRUCTORS:Joel Terbruggen and his staff


RECOMMENDED HOTEL:Holiday Inn Express—-513-771-9080
11160 Dowlin Dr.Sharonville, OH 45241

It is ten minutes from the Antique boat Center (tell them you are with the Antique Boat center Workshop and the rate will be $88.00 plus tax)

Heartland Classics Restoration Workshop – Feb. 25th

NOW.. Not to confuse things.. But I will…if you can not wait until March, or you just have a thing for the smell of varnish, and you live more in the Heartland of America.. Click here and you can sniff the varnish on February 25th.Or you can just click on the new calendar feature on the left.. Here is the Agenda for that fun event from The Heartland ACBS

“What Can Go Wrong?” – Tom Benton
(what you should expect from a boat survey)
How to Make Windshields – Clay Thompson
Urethane vs. Varnish – Dan Diehl
Shaft & Rudder Packing – Larry Hinton
Knot Tying for Boaters – Dick Moist
Cold Mold Planking – Dave Lott
Woodworking on Boats – Dave Lundy
Take Advantage of the ACBS Website – Kathy Parker

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    The one I need is “How to keep your wife and restorer from talking $$”. Now as far as cup holding goes it’s best to make an Italian put it down before he starts talking and gesturing or make sure everything is covered with drop cloths.

  2. 51Resorter
    51Resorter says:

    The header photo is for ACBS’s Symposiums, but the story is for Antique Boat Center’s workshops. There are ACBS Symposiums forthcoming in May in Clayton, NY. Check the latest Rudder issue.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      First you have to decide if you want them restored or preserved, and if they will be judged, and if so according to what chair judging criteria…

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        I don’t support judged shows, so I want them restored to “as enjoyed” condition rather than any foolish preserved or as delivered (except for the 34 coats of miror polished varnish and the fiberglass bottom) condition.

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