Texx and His Trusty Woodyboatercycle Find A Cool Hydro Race On The Way To Tahoe!


If you look closly you will see a race boat... look down.. further down.. the green part

Only Texx could find a cool Unlimited Hydro Race on the Columbia River on the way to a boat show.. Here is the short report from Texx as he was zooming by the race..

Take it away Texx….
The Unlimited Hydroplanes are racing this weekend in Tri-Cities Washington on the Columbia River. This has been one of their traditional stops for many years, dating back to when they raced with WWII Aircraft Piston Engine Power.

There’s also an impressive air show going on in conjunction with the boat race.

And some shots of the Woodyboatcycle.. love that pin striping and satin finish.. Dang..

Texx should be in Reno tonight around midnight. Good luck Texx, Be safe!


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  1. Randy
    Randy says:

    There are also 5 or 6 of the old vintage unlimiteds (real piston power) that will be running an exhibition race too. That alone is worth the trip! Texx, hope you saw those too!

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