Thanks For The Memories Minnesota!

Woody Boater and the WB Community would like to take this opportunity to say “Thanks for the Memories” to Minnesota and everyone there for the warm hospitality during our recent visit.

Thanks to Bruce Olson from the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum and Mark Proudfoot for his assistance during our visit to the museum. Carl Mammel for giving us the opprotunity to see his vintage Gar Wood “Oracle” in person.

Thanks to Paul Mikkelson for our private tour of the Mikkelson Collection Inc Museum, so we could see “Jolly Roger” his vintage Peddle Boat… And his friend Steve Stevenson for the introduction to Paul.

And his huge collection of Larson Falls Flyers.

Thanks to “Boondoggle” Or was it thanks to this Boondoggle…A boondoggle thanking boondoggle…the boondoggles of boondoggles…

and “Bertha” .. Bertha Transom boogie!

Thanks to “Topsy”

Thanks to “Skippy” for coming out of retirement. Looks like ol Skippy is tearing up.. Anyone have another tissue?

Thanks to Tom Juul for showing us around his boat works (and storage yard).

Thanks to “Wee Don” it was great to finally meet you…

And how could we ever forget good ol’ “Uncle Bob” Is it just us, or does everyone have an Uncle Bob?

And last but not least, thanks to the nice folks at the Country Inns & Suites in Buffalo, Minnesota for allowing us to take over the lobby of their hotel for three days during the Warner Collection Auction. That was fun…Hours and Hours of nothing but Woody Boat Talk! 

In a few weeks Woody Boater will be sharing the full story of Captain Wise and “Cheer Up” an unrestored 1925 Wise Boat & Bus Works 25′ Split Cockpit Runabout that was recently purchased at the Warner Auction. This is a great story of a rare wooden boat that’s now returning home to a fourth generation Wise Family member. Stay tuned.

The transom will once again have her original name “Cheer Up”

I think the Minnesota licence plates should be changed to read “10,000 Nice Woody Boaters”

Texx & Matt

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