The “Daisy Chain Gang” Is On It!

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Steve and Bob – The hat is pure genus!

Breaking news, Yip Yap is officially on her way South. Steve has handed off the heir to the Woody Boater Empire’s first boat. With great fanfare, she is highway bound. GO BOB GO! I am so thrilled I could.. well.. I don’t know. This is fun, and we have a new Brand for Woody Boater.”The Daisy Chain Gang” Maybe some striped t shirts are in order.

Hit it Sam! (Hooh aah) (hooh aah)

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  1. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    You calling me a daisy? 🙂

    It was great fun to be a part of this! Thanks for the adventure. I made it back home in time for my son’s birthday, so even the better half is happy!

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Maybe I missed something but now that I know it was originally in Matt’s stable how did it ever get to Michigan? You must of sold it? How could you, lol. Looks like it was well taken care of.

  3. Mark in Ohio (not nearYip Yap)
    Mark in Ohio (not nearYip Yap) says:

    As I have said before. “East Bound and Down Loadwd up and Truckin”. Pictures are fun to see. Safe travels.

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