The Lake Dora-Tavares Countdown Starts Today!


She's Hot, She's Lickable and ready to go. Thanks agian to Allen Willey for sharring some of his secret decal babe stash.

Are you ready? Got your sun scream? Yes Scream.. Your shorts and black socks? How bout those new business cards with your boat on them? Your boat? That last coat of varnish dry yet? We don’t have any of that yet….. But it will all come together the night before we leave. This year we have a flop house on the lake. A big juicy Sea Skiff that we are mooching from Paul and Karen Harrison. Texx and some others are all at the same house. It feels like spring break when i was in school. This year we also.. cross our fingers, we want to report with video. That’s right. Edited video. And reporting as things happen, so you folks that could not make it, can regret that bad choice from your  desktop. You wont get to sniff the fresh varnish though. Sniiiiiiiiiiiffffff..ahhhh! that’s some good stuff. You can visit the Sunnyland Web site here for more info. Come on! The waters great!

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  1. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    Depressing is right. After making it 2 years in a row, I’m stuck up north (it’s snowing heavily as I write this) doing
    taxes………….talk about double negative……………..

  2. Dave Pickard
    Dave Pickard says:

    Yea, just rub it in some more, maybe some scantily clad pictures of “babes” while your at it! No seriously could you make sure that happens!

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Maybe next year for me. When you’re there at least make it sound like you’re not having the time of your life. Where did I put that Valium prescription. Will have to put manikins around my dinner table and pretend I’m at Woody Stock. At least the videos will help.

  4. Bob Miracle
    Bob Miracle says:

    Miracle photography will be at Tavares starting on Thursday. We will post pictures to our web site every night. We will end up with the entire show. They will be under Boats/ACBS/SunnyLand2011

  5. Allen Willey
    Allen Willey says:

    I have that decal now Matt…was thinking you could blow it up to poster size for Tavares. They do it cheap at Walmart.


  6. Bill Gillroy
    Bill Gillroy says:

    It makes it kind of special for us that Lyman is featured boat this year at Tavares, so Deja Voom returns to the show. And that warm sun in March each Spring, can’t beat it, very enjoyable. Look forward to seeing all our friends and hope our fellow LBOA members up north can make the long trip down this year. Capt. Bill

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