The Low Down On Down Under This Weekend.


It’s Saturday in New Zealand. I am trying to do the math in my head and it hurts. I just know that at 6AM this Am it was 12AM Saturday there.. You do the math.. I get 6AM to 6AM would be 24hours, so is it 18hrs? see.. regardless.. it’s Saturday, and the show has started. BUT.. the show is in the boonies.. No boonies is not a town in New Zealand, it is a Nature camp in India though. Can you already tell it’s going to be one of those days. Ok.. so… since they are having this show on lake Rotoiti in the northern part of new Zealand actually located in the middle of nowhere, and the odd chance that uploading images from that spot is not likely.

Stunning landscapes make New Zealand the hot spot this weekend, but the flags are confusing. Is it a red flag or blue flag? Dear god, and its the same for other countries there. It's like they do things differently there.. How do they live? And when you flush the toilet, does the water really twirl the other way? Oh! God.... I am so going to this show next year...

The definition of Live-ish will be stretched. But since its already Saturday, we should get images and reports on Sunday, since then it will be Monday, and our reporter will be near his computer. Now. Not only will it be a different day, BUT it may be an odd time, so if you are someone that wants to see the latest images.. It may be 1AM here. See.. I was not kidding.. My head hurts.. Not to mention that my spell check keeps telling me that I spelled new Zealand wrong.. Enough! Here are some very cool images from past shows from our shooter there, “Skinny”. Yes, we are getting the Skinny on the show from a guy named Skinny… I can’t make this stuff up. I love it. Skinny is now a permanent fixture here. And one great photographer.

Stay tuned this weekend…Sunday for images from this years show.

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    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      Here’s the time difference:
      When it’s 12:00 pm (noon) Friday the 4th in St. Louis (central time zone), It will be 6:00 am Saturday the 5th in New Zealand. They’re 18 hours ahead of us in the central time zone.

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      But what happens when we hit Daylight Savings Time next week? Do we catch up an hour?

      (Proud recent recipient of 1/2 a picture of WoodyWeiners)

      • Al Benton
        Al Benton says:

        Well now, they actually have daylight savings time in New Zealand but it doesn’t start until Sunday, April 3rd. We’ll gain an hour on March 13 but loose it back on April 3.

        Congrats on that half pack of Woody Weiners (watch for splinters).

  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Skinny, you’re an amazing photographer. I glanced through your web site and I’m very impressed, especially with the antique boating photos. I will be enjoying more as time allows.

    We all look forward to seeing photos of the boat show this weekend.


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