The Mecum Geneva Lake Countdown..Show Up Alone, Leave With A Geezer!


My new BFF or BGF Best Geezer Forever

This could be your chance to find a old pal.. That’s right, did, your grandpa pass on to that big lake in the sky… a while back.. Hey, sorry, a little insensitive.. but it happens. Well, now you can go get a new one.. Only this one will not require pea soup, and yell at you for being a dang fool..He did, did’t he, called you a fool..  The proof is in the fact that you are actually wasting time reading this, and not going down to the bank and spitting out some 1Kers out of the ATM.. This 1947 Hutchinson 22′ Utility is a very cool boat and a cool alternative to the ole U22.. Just a little over a week til its time… Are you ready?

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  1. Pumpkin
    Pumpkin says:

    Yup, a little over a week. I’ll be there with my hands firmly planted in my pockets . . . unless I can shag a ride in nice woody!

  2. Randy Mueller
    Randy Mueller says:

    Always nice to see those beautiful MATTHEWS cruisers featured here. When things get a bit less hectic I need to relay my childhood love affair with a MATTHEWS Martinique.

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