The Overly Complete Details Of This Years Big Woody Boater LIVE Algonac Show June 26, 27 & 28 2015

Welcome WoodyThis June, specifically the end of June, June 26, 27 & 28 2015, we will be reporting LIVE from Algonac for three days or so. We would love to see a huge Woody Boater crowd there. I will bring cups! Coffee cups, not the kind you had in sports. OUCH! Its tough show competition, but not that tough. Anyway, I digress. This is a fun and very historical / histarical show. Its located at the original Chris Craft plant, and the Gar Wood and Chris Smith Families are still all around the area. You will see stuff there you will not see anyplace else. Custom one offs, Mayea Boat works, still in business as if time had stood still, and the most important treasure, the people of the area. Beyond fun, friendly and funny.

Algonac Saturday 097

Miss America X something. I cant recall, I should, and will be chastised for not recalling. I just know it was , and is cool as hell


G$6 race Boat

Dennis Mykols in his racer!

Never mind the insane perfect turquoise fresh water, and beautiful Chris Craft catalog homes all with little canals behind them. Its all there, where it all began. You can go by and bow to Mr Smith and Mr Wood over looking the water way.

smith Wood statue

Smith and Wood with Smith and Wood, and Pete talking!

This is a trip back, into the very DNA of our passion. Location and spirit of the folks that started it all, all in one place. Algonac!  Below is a very complete list of all the places to stay in the area. It aint a resort, so you will need to find something. Fellow Woody Boater Greg Lewandowki has put this all together for you to help. Take it away Greg.


The old plant, home of the show!


Thanks Matt, here is the list and link of houses for rent and for the club website to find out more about signing up!

Tour of Algonac Cast Products:
Location: 9300 Stone Rd., Algonac, MI

Members can meet at Algonac Cast Products at 9:00 or meet at the Harbour Club Harbor Master’s Building at 8:30 to car pool. We will return to the Harbour Club at 11:30 for a 12:00 PM departure for the Friday lunch.

There will be a casual dinner Friday evening under the water tower at the Algonac Harbour Club. Dinner 6:30 PM.


Throughout the day on Saturday a shuttle will leave the Harbour Club and travel to the Algonac Historical Society downtown Algonac. The shuttle will stop at restaurants on the way. It will also pass by numerous historically significant locations, including Gar Woods house, Chris and Jay Smith’s houses and the Algonac Cemetery where Gar Wood and Chris Smith are buried. Anyone can get off the shuttle for lunch or view the museum, then catch the next shuttle back. Shuttle will travel between 10:00 and 3:00.

We will have 3 guest speakers during the day on Saturday. They will speak under the water tower.
10:00 – 10:45
11:00 – 12:00
1:00 – 1:30 Hagerty Insurance antique boat insurance and the state of the antique boat hobby.

Kids in Distress Charity rides
Saturday between 10:00 – 2:00 any member that is interested in taking people for rides in their boat can do so in support of Kids in Distress Charity. Riders will make a donation to support the Charity. Boaters will pick up passengers at the low loading docks near the Harbour Club gas docks. Boats will cross the North Channel and pass through the Grande Point Cut to the South Channel. Proceed up the South Channel to a point near the Algonac State Park. Turn and proceed back past the Jay Smith House, past downtown Algonac and return to the Harbour Club. If you plan to give rides please make certain you have enough life jackets on board for each seat in the boat.

gaggleBoat Parade Saturday, this is a fantastic event and you really get an idea of the area!
Anyone interested in participating in a boat parade check the box on the registration form. The Parade will be coordinated by the Algonac Historical Society. Representatives from the Society will contact you during the day to explain the procedure for the parade and gather information on your boat.

At approximately 3:30 boats will depart the Harbour Club and head up river to the Algonac State Park. Boats will then proceed back down river at a slow speed past the park in downtown Algonac. When passing the park, someone on shore from the Historical Society will announce the boat and provide any interesting details on the boat to people gathered in the park to watch the parade.

Anyone not wanting to be in the parade can go to downtown Algonac and watch the parade from the city park. Dinner is across the street from the park at the Historical Society

After passing downtown the boats can proceed back to the Harbour Club or boat ramp.

A dinner will be served Saturday evening staring at 6;00 at the Algonac Historical Society. 1240 St. Clair River Dr., Algonac, MI 48001

Lindas yard

Looking out the back at Linda’s B and B no longer in business. UGH



Colony Motel

6077 Pointe Tremble (M-29) – Algonac, MI 48001 – Phone: (810) 794-5974

Algonac State Park

8732 N. River Road – Phone: (810) 765-5605



Anchor Inn Motel

6000 N. River Road (M-29) – Marine City, MI 48039 (14 miles north of Algonac)

Toll free: (888) 799-7666 – Phone: (810) 765-8877

Port Seaway Inn

7623 S. Riverside Dr. (M-29) – Marine City, MI 48039 (5 miles north of Algonac)

Phone: (810) 765-4033

Heather House B&B

409 North Main St. (M29) – Marine City, MI 48039 -Phone: (810) 765-3175


PORT HURON (25 Miles)

Blue Water Motel

5570 Lapeer – Kimball Twp. MI 48074 – Phone: (810) 984-3667


ST. CLAIR (15 miles)

Murphy Inn

505 Clinton Avenue St. Clair, MI 48079 – (20 miles north of Algonac)

Phone: (810) 329-7118

St. Clair River Lodge

3573 River road (M-29)- East China, MI 48054- (15 miles north of Algonac)

Phone: (810) 329-2581



Days Inn

70 Gratiot – Marysville, MI 48040 (25 miles North of Algonac)

Toll Free: (800) 329-7466  Phone: (810) 364-8400

Super 8 Motel

1484 Gratiot Marysville, MI 48040  (25 miles north of Algonac)

Toll Free: (800) 800-8000 – Phone: (810) 364-7500

Front Camera

Port Huron 2011 at 10PM Did I mention it gets dark VERY VERY LATE!

PORT HURON (30 miles north of Algonac)

Comfort Inn

1770 Yeager Port Huron, MI Phone: (810) 982-5500

Thomas Edison Inn

500 Thomas Edison Parkway – Port Huron, MI

Toll Free: (800) 451-7991- Phone: (810) 984-8000

Quality Inn and Suites

1720 Hancock Port Huron, MI

Phone: (810) 987-5999

Pontchartrain Motel

60136 Gratiot Road – Port Huron, MI

(25 miles north of Algonac)



River Crab Blue Water Inn

1337 N. River Road (M-29) St. Clair, MI

Toll Free: (800) 468-3727 /Phone: (810) 329-2236


FAIR HAVEN (10 Miles)

Harmony Motel

7745 Harmony Court – Fair Haven, MI 48023

Phone: (586) 725-1331

Lakecrest Motel

10469 Dixie Highway (M-29) Fair Haven, MI 48023

Phone: (586) 725-9693



Lakeview Motel

10161 Dixie Highway (M-29) New Baltimore, MI

Phone: (810) 725-0551

harsons Split cockpit

Just driving down the road in Harsons Island. Dang! Classic goodness in its natural setting

texx shoot1

Texx shooting a very cool old marina on Harsons Island

HARSENS ISLAND A very cool place. (Requires Ferry) (4 miles south of Algonac)

Lynn’s B&B

2732 South Channel Drive  Harsens Island, MI 48028

(Ferry trip required)

Phone: (810) 748-8834


Concord Inn

44315 N. Gratiot (M-29) Clinton Twp. MI

Phone: (586)-493-7300


Holiday Inn Express

45805 Marketplace Blvd.- Chesterfield, Mi. 48051

Phone: 586-598-4000

Hampton Inn and Suites

45725 Marketplace Blvd. Chesterfield, Mi. 48051

Phone: 586-948-2300

Miss maple leaf

Out on the St Clair

Miss Torch

Zipping through town


Going to lunch

Neat Boat

No photoshop, no nothing but what the best every boat god has, all in one magical place! Come bask in all her history and glory for three days of mahogany magic.

Need more? There is more, like a tour of homes in the area. The restaurants are old and wood paneled walls loaded with cool boat stuff from the time when men were men and boats were boats!

Here is a link to some rentals in the area to stay in.


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Thanks, Matt for the great story about what I know will be a great 30th anniversary of our historic boat show in Algonac. The show registration forms and additional information will be on our website by early May. You can click on our logo on the left side of WoodyBoater or go to Click on Events and Activites, then Boat Shows, and then Michigan Chapter Boat Show. If you have additional questions, contact me at I hope to meet many of you in June at the place “Where it All Began”!
    BTW, that shot is of Miss America X with her four Packard engines and Gar Wood’s mascot teddy bears on board for good luck.

    • Barbara & Ed Tronca
      Barbara & Ed Tronca says:

      Ed & I are both members of the Pacific NW Chapter of ACBS and are coming to Algonac for 2 reasons: the Classic Boat Show and also as our new involvement with Algonac Cast Products. Ed’s cousin John Pugh is the new owner of the foundry and he is bring us to see all of the pieces and parts of this historic facility. We have been told that there are hundreds of the original patterns from Chris Craft used for castings – everything imaginable. Excited to have the tour made available to all of you enthusiasts and to see your beautiful area. Please plan on going on the tour – we look forward to meeting you.

  2. Liz
    Liz says:

    Get the “kinks” out the week before at the 23rd Annual Presque Isle Harbor Wooden Boat Show, always the 3rd Saturday in June! We’d LOVE to see you at the Harbor!
    Boat parade & luncheon on Friday on Grand Lake, followed by a reception for participants that evening at the historical Presque Isle Lodge, show with awards on Saturday!

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      Just booked our room for the Presque Isle show. The cruise around Grand Lake is long and the shoreline has great scenery. BUT the Friday night reception at the 100 year old Lodge is an event you need to experience.
      Staying at a nice 1950’s style resort right on the Grand Lake, so we will get a lot of cruising time in that weekend…

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Dang, Dang, DANG!

    This looks like one show that is a “do not miss”, but I don’t expect to make it.

    Guess it goes on a bucket list.

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Went their early in my boating career…It’s a don’t miss place….Looks like it is much bigger and better now. Would love to go back

    • Flash
      Flash says:

      I can’t wait!! Room is booked. Coming Thursday evening.

      I will be there representing the CCABC as an Ambassador. It’s going to be a great weekend.

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I was planning to make this one and was in the process of reserving a room when she who must be obeyed said we had a wedding or something that weekend. Who gets married the weekend of the Algonac show? Anyway, there is still two months for them to call the whole thing off so I am holding out hope.

  6. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    Hey Troy! Get your Mom’s Boat and you all come! I know I’m prejudiced but there isn’t a more Bluer body of Water anywhere on Earth!! And for those of you who’ve never boated on a really big body of water you’re right there at Lake St. Clair and then you can go on up to Port Huron and out into Lake Huron! It just can’t be beat!!

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    M-fine! A Wedding, a lame ass wedding! Clearly they are from some back water area if they did not know about the Algonac Show. I mean.. Mind Blown! Thats like having another event the same tome as Lake Dora.. GAAAASP! How can you even be friends with people like that.


    We would like to show you Anchor Bay Drive, including cocktails, a sunset over Anchor Bay, and our 1961 Sea Skiff (ROY-AL-IV) that has been in the family since dad bought it from Pete at Colony Chris Craft in 1962.

  9. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    For anyone attending the show that may want to stay on Harsens Island, I have been informed that Lynn”s B & B is no longer operating. However, a new Maple Leaf B & B is available on Harsens Island at 3532 South Channel Dr.. Call 810-748-3676 for reservations. You can watch the freighters go by from this place!

  10. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Conflicts with 30th Annual James River Batteau Festival (google it you woodyboaters)….so I will miss it be looks to be a great event…..Gar’s relative certainly looks like the speed king himself!
    As to the “lame ass wedding” that is redundant.
    John in Va.

  11. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    I am blessed to live nearby and have been boating Lake St Clair since I was a kid. Now we have a weekend cottage on Harsens Island and feel blessed to be surrounded by the history of the area and the perfect place to have boats. Because of the big lake access, canals, Muscamoot bay (inside the horseshoe shaped Harsens Island, big rivers (filled with 1200′ freighters), etc. you tend to aquire a small fleet of boats. The difficult choice is, do I take the sailboat out, the pontoon boat, the speed boat, the raft, the catamaran, the fishing boat, or the canoe? By the way, my NEWEST boat is a 1990 Chris Craft which just turned 25 and is considered an antique!

    We welcome everyone to join our festivities during the show weekend and experience the best blue water boating in the world!

    • Kentucky Wonder
      Kentucky Wonder says:

      Have you clicked on any of the red names to find out? They turn red when you list a website in your reply. Most of them are for our businesses or personal websites.

  12. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    If you haven’t been to this show yet…GET THERE!

    Algonac and Harsens Island are priceless if you’re a wooden boat enthusiast of any kind…there’s so much boating history there, and a fun, laid-back small-town vibe. Be sure to drive all the back roads of Harsens, Algonac and Port Huron…there are tons of project boats waiting to be rescued. It’s just a way of life there, and the water really is THAT blue! Glad the show is returning to the Algonac Harbour Club after several years of low water levels…I can’t wait to get back to the Bluewater Region of Michigan!

    • Grant Stanfield
      Grant Stanfield says:

      If you do manage to find Schneider Marine on Harsens Island, the trip will be worth it (look for their old hand-painted tarpon mount while you’re there)!

      Like I said, wooden boats are jam-packed everywhere in this area…it’s so fun to drive, bike or hike the back roads, hunting for mahogany!

      Grab a beer and a burger on the riverfront at Sans Souci Bar while you’re there…enjoy lunch and watch the giant freighters and woodyboaters vie for supremacy on the St. Clair River- it’s just great!

  13. Kent Baker
    Kent Baker says:

    This one has been on my list. We have cruised the Harsens island area and even attended the infamous “Jobby Nooner” (perhaps a future article on this one). Did you know Jimmy Buffett performs at west riverside park Thursday June 25? Just in case you couldn’t pack enough into a long weekend. Weather permitting, we might just do a cruise from Toledo to Algonac with a pause long enough to catch the beginning of the concert…
    who’s In?

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