The Port Huron Team Is Already Getting Ready For Next Years Big International Show

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Stunning shot

There are local ACBS chapters and then there is the Michigan Gang. It’s like the Sunnyland group. large, active as all get out, and preps with the best of them. They have been doing dress rehearsal shows, and now had a real photo shoot so they could have marketing materials throughout the year to make sure you never forget there is a show next September. Which by the way, will be one of the big ones and its never too early to put on your calendar.

This area of Michigan is deep, deep rich in Classic boat history. Heck, it’s were it all started, and it’s never to early to start planning apparently.

What a classic setting

There will be boats that you may have never seen, or may see again. Michigan has some amazing one off factory kinda stuff. So today, we get to see the photos from one of the rehearsal events, a show of course and a boat trip captured by photographers Craig and Chris Herbert. So without further adoo, here ya go! Lots of stunning photos!

This is big cruiser country!

And large bodies of water

Stunning blue water

WOW, a twin engine 25 Sportsman! Bucket list boat!

More classic setting stuff

Black Beauty did what she does best. Gets all our motors running

THis shot says it all


Large small, wood, glass.. It’s all gonna be there


Details make it perfect

Glass, Wood ANNNND Aluminum!

Are those ash trays?

Miles of smiles. This group is amazing nice!

Boat rides and more boat rides, the club did a bazillion of them!

Lots of time capsule stuff


Diverse scenery

Industry can be beautiful and powerful

headed out

Keep those bilges running

I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Pure art, power, history.. WOW!

Taking photos

Different cruiser designs, maintained like fine watches

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  1. Shannon Knight
    Shannon Knight says:

    It was an amazing morning – one of the best classic boating experiences I’ve ever had. The fog rolled in just as we were leaving making us think the whole shoot would be fogged out. As we passed under the Blue Water bridge we started to be able to see the sun burning through which is beautifully shown in the header shot. The light stayed that way for a while, creating opportunities for really cool ghostly shots. It then cleared and the water stayed calm, allowing Chris to give us direction over the VHF to position the boats for the best shots. Big kudos to him for herding all the cats / boats into some very cool arrangements. There were 17 captains ready to go at 6AM to make this happen. There are four photographer’s worth of cool photos AND video still “in the can” so stay tuned!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    When you get four classic cruisers and another dozen runabout size boats out on big flat water at dawn and mix in a little fog, it’s a good time. That was Friday morning and the party continued with the dinner run down to St. Clair on Friday night and a great show on Saturday. There was a lot of action on the Black River with several boats giving 400 people rides during the afternoon and an afterglow party to wrap up the day.
    Come join us next year for the big “Boat the Blue” event and we will show you a good time all week. We will be ready to throw a “Bring Your Boats Home” party!

    • ScottK
      ScottK says:

      I have heard unsubstantiated rumors of potential Watson sightings, but you may have to run thru the woods to catch him.
      Your Penn Yan told me that is wants to come and party, you can come too. 🙂

  3. phillip jones
    phillip jones says:

    looks like a great body of water for Purple Haze to stretch her keel next year, do they allow Shepherds over there. :):):)

  4. Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says:

    We will be there next year
    May have to buy a boat
    Anybody know of a 78 Glastron Carlson with an outboard for sale

  5. Gary Cunningham
    Gary Cunningham says:

    Marianne, Serendipity and I had to cancel our reservation for the PH boat show this year and it looks like we missed the best show of the year! I hope to have Les Cheneaux ready for next season and look forward to the big event in PH.

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