The Real Florida Funday Came Out On Sunday!

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fun day fla 35

No photoshop. I could never make this up

This year we decided to stay at the show on Sunday and milk the big show for one more day. But who knew that a fun Florida appears, or maybe it was always there and not visible behind the amazing mahogany masterpieces. Today we celebrate the Funday of Sunday on lake Dora! We will be on the road all day today enjoying the slow progression back to reality.

Fun Day FLA 21

A little rain in the morning wont stop Florida

fun day fla scooter

Cool bad ass tricycle scooters!

Fun FLA so long

The Scooter State! Come on tie on up to the bar.

fun day fla 10

Just another day in Florida!

Fun day fla11

Alex Watson (Right) and his Florida Twin-ish

fun day fla 4

The Boatress at the Awards event. WECATCHEM took home “Best Chris Craft” Wow, and there were some insane Chris Crafts there.

fun day fla 7

Herb Hall from Seirra Boats on Lake tahoe made the trip. Alan Weinstein RIVA GURU next to him at the Awards

All the way from Australia Peter Cavill brought his race boat Marguette in a container for the show.WOW

fun day Fla Terry

Terry Fiest handing out awards. Terry should get an award. Amazing guy that gets it done

Fun Day Fla Ramsey

Big Smiles in the Award tent for the Ramsey Bros from Toledo.

fun Day Fla 2

meanwhile back at the showground folks get to catch up with old chums for a cup of coffee

Fun Day Fla 1

Out on the water folks are getting out there and enjoying possibly the best boating day of the weekend! Mr Wyse out on his amazing boat going back in time


We took advantage of the beutiful sun and headed out to lunch with the gang. mark Setterholm Photo


Who knew the custom one of a kind fishing tackle box was also a cup holder. Photo Mark Setterholm

fun day fla boyfriend

Then a fun ride to Palm gardens for one last lunch with new and old friends

Fun Day Fla canal

The Boatress is really having fun.. Really! Maybe she is just annoyed about my never ending picture taking.. NAAAAA that cant be it? Is it?


At the palm gardens again for the last time this year. – photo Mark Setterholm

NOW! And we promise we did not make this up. We always say, no show is over until someone gets towed home. And The big FLA trip was no different. On the way home we came upon one of our fellow Classic boaters.


So Sad Sadie stuck on lake Eustis.


We have all been there and will be again. All part of the fun – Mike Mayor and Alex Watson made easy work of it

Not sure if they even know who Woody boater is. but we stopped and hooked up and took them through the Dora Canal and home. It was over. Over in the perfect way!

Fun Day FLA tow

We cant make this stuff up. Its all part of the fun.


Yikes, through the Dora Canal! – Photo mark Setterholm


To add to the tow, the couple lived on the Dora Canal in Tiki Village a small village on a smaller canal. But we were able to get them to there dock. Photo Mark Setterholm

Stay tuned for some more fun updates as we weed through the pics from this weekend. And thanks for tuning in in record numbers this weekend on Woody Boater.

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  1. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Best Chris Craft, way to go Matt and Suzy! All of your hard work (including Katz Marine, Jimmy, and Van Ness Engineering) paid off. Do you know what other shows you might be taking Wecatchem to this year?

  2. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Congratulations to Best Chris-Craft Wecatchem! Staying through Sunday is a great idea! Safe travels!

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Matt: Congratulations on “Best Chris Craft”. She’s a beautiful boat. I too saw that guy with the hug gun…Wondered what it was and if he was going down to rob the train with it ? Wish I’d realized y’all were going to make one more trip thru the canal and over to the Palms..I’d have found another boat, hitched a ride with my grandson and followed…Oh well we had a safe trip back and were home for dinner….and you are right…Terry does a great job !

  4. John Grinder
    John Grinder says:

    Julie and I want to thank the Captain and Staff of Wecatchem for assisting us yesterday on Lake Eustis after having some engine trouble. Nice work! A luxurious tow home down the historic Dora Canal, even offering us “refreshments” along the way. I only regret that I did not offer our powder room facilities once we arrived home. Many thanks to a great group of fellow antique boaters! John Grinder, Tavares, Florida.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    The tow slowed down our return trip. Admittedly, that made it touch and go. Would we have sufficient beer for the duration?? Thankfully, Mayor / Mayur / Mayher / Mayer packed a reserve supply. Remembering his Boy Scout days and the “be prepared” motto, he saved the day.

  6. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    The photo with the rain ponchos….is there another person hidden behind them? I see extra shoes. What is going on there? (Not to mention the open back with tattoos)

    Congratulations on “Best Chris-Craft.” Shows what good marketing and public relations can do for you!

  7. Kevin F
    Kevin F says:

    Thank goodness for plastic rain coats…..I mean really, thank you.

    I will make it there someday; congrats on the award Matt!

  8. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Congratulations on the successful “first run” with the rebuild and the well-deserved award! Smiles all around were evident in your reports all weekend. 🙂 Safe trip home!

  9. Troy in FL
    Troy in FL says:

    Well here it is Monday afternoon, had lunch at Palm Gardens again. Actually sat in the bar since it was only in the mid 60’s.

    Glad I did not rush home like Staib and others did since this is the shot our daughter sent us from the ANE this morning.

  10. Troy in FL
    Troy in FL says:

    OH and Congrats Matt and Suzy on the best CC award. Well deserved.
    When were the awards handed out?

  11. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I have to think it was the built in beer holder drawers that put Wecatchem in front of the other less accommodating Chris Crafts.

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