The Wedding Night At Global HQ

A super high tide just added to the fun

For the record, the wedding ended around 2:30 AM and so I suppose we all were there on the wedding night. I mean it was night time, and there was a wedding, and well. YOU ALL ARE JUST SICK! Okay, maybe just a couple of you, and maybe some others are just here for the pictures. And this copy is just filler to appear that I am still alive and Woody Boater is not done by some Bot. Or is it? And yet, here you are sipping your cup of motor oil or warm varnish and reading on.

Tiki torches and Edison bulbs added some specialness to the event

You could hear the music all over Reedville. We have apologized on Facebook to the town.

The space turned out amazing. Insane amazing. 50 people an open bar and lots of dancing and food.

We used a 24 inch slab of cedar in the planer and clamped it down to make a perfect buffet table tied in with Mr “B”ench

A full Oyster Bar, over 200 Rapahanock Oysters were served to some very happy folks.

Mr B made a special appearance around Midnight to keep the party going. Mission accomplished. Many of the guests thought Mr B was a person and were all looking at eye level.. BIG mistake. Mr B uses your crotch area as a wall to bounce off of.

Pre party, guests fill up the space with tables chairs and so on. The Boatress killed it. Fresh flowers, and some amazing food from the best caterer in the area

Brought from Germany. Lots of goodies from all around the globe

Special cans of Virginia Diner Peanuts. Virginia Diner has been making the best Virginia Peanuts since 1929. THEY ARE AMAZING

We made a special Hank Suz logo for all the event materials

Including directional signs and menus and so on

Some wonderful art from Kathryn Humphrys made the Wedding mark perfect

Lots and lots of cupcakes, cakes and cookies for late night energy

Somewhere along the line the Boatress had a Hair Incident.

Glenna Faye was invited and did her part.

DAM, I am the luckiest human on the planet.

The Brides Father and Brother enjoying the Bar, which also doubles as a buffing station during the day.

The classic Woody Boater shot. The Boatress telling me to stop, and Oliver on the phone.

THE NEXT MORNING at around 11 AM we had a wonderful brunch and boat rides. Shockingly everyone showed up. No one was more surprised than me. STAY TUNED.



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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Really special, great pix, great folks, great time!

    John in Va.

    Talked to Troy…he IS boating!

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all !! We now know the real reason that you have been busting your A$$ to get the Railway in shape.

    • Berlin Büro
      Berlin Büro says:

      It turned out PERFECT — even the flooding brought the water right up to the door for guests to enjoy

  3. ken
    ken says:

    A fine party indeed!
    ACBS had an annual meeting in Williamsburg a while back and the p-nuts were a huge hit.
    Some friends ordered them by mail years later..

  4. Berlin Büro
    Berlin Büro says:

    Damn! Some pics I haven’t even seen! Or maybe I have? It’s all a blur after all the YipYap laps around the creek

      ART ARMSTRONG says:

      First of all CONGR ATULATIONS to you both and more importantly :), where did the name YIP YAP come from?

  5. Troy in SC on the ICW
    Troy in SC on the ICW says:

    I know you probably need a horizontal shot, but this would be one of the BEST Headers I have ever seen.

    I feel like part of the family!!!

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