The Woody Boater 2010 Lake Dora Awards.


Here we go. The 2010 Lake Dora Awards. Yes there were some real nice boats, and I am sure that there were some tense moments.. But not for us at WoodyBoater. It was pure heaven. The judge thought this all through on his. 16 hr drive home and these are the winners.
Best of Show: Tavaras Florida. Period end of argument, the judge was unanimous on this one. This little town on the lake is doing an amazing job transforming itself into what will be a destination for future Woody Boaters. With lots of very tasteful and thought out construction. And a welcoming Mayor. Tavaras is a winner.
Most Outrageous Entrance. This sucker came in on a trailer. Dear God.

Most fun sound of an engine. Woody Gals 350 full throttle.. Arrrrg!
The I want a ride award.. Miss America IX.. Come on… really… Man that would be fun

The How The Other Half Lives Award. The entire Riva gang. They came in full force and blew me away. Great guys with to much information crammed into there heads. I went on one amazing life changing boat ride. I get it now. The ride on a Riva Aquarama is a true defining moment. Even watching Marty Felletto docking fellow Riva Gurus Alan Weinstein’s Aquarama was an eye opener. More on them later.
Man of the Hour.. Day… Week… Month… Year. Terry Fiest. Show Chairman and well… Holey Crap this guy can run a battle Cruiser show and pull it off.
Best Odd Ball thing at the flea market. I need this at home to yell at my sons. PICK UP YOUR DIRTY SOCKS!
Best? Thanks to Del VanEmmerik and his apatite for fun fiberglass I left the show with a smile. More on this killer Larson later.. And no that is not a tumor…
Best New Thing.. The New Docks…
Best Use Of Inlay. Saetta Boat Works. You had to be there to see this. This kit boat is breath taking.
Best Restoration. Hands town to Craig Hartwig. Pictured left. My hat is off to you Craig. You deserve a standing ovation…
Thanks to all the folks at the Sunnyland Chapter of the ACBS for putting on the best show that I can recall.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Aye, Matey! I fully agree! This was the finest show I have been to as well. Lots of plunder and booty, and a formidable fleet of ships!

    Captain Beaunay

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