There Are Other Boats Other Than Rivas On Lake Como, What?

Even the patrol boats are cool

I know common sense would dictate the fact that there are other boats on Lake Como other than Riva’s. Just like the USA isnt full of cowboys and Indians. But we have been here two days and yet to see one Riva. Which is okay because the entire area is drop dead amazing. So we thought we would show our fellow citizens of Woodyboaterville, the other brands on the lake.

Its an Alluminio Boat

Now of course we have no idea what they are, so we get to make them up. Maybe soon once I have spent a couple more days here, I will know the difference. Its like a whole new world thats opened up for for pea brain!

A Plastica Boat

Taxi boata

Giro Boat

Aliscafo Boat and is cool as hell

Utente boat

Taxis and a very cool vintage ferry boat

This was very fast and official looking

This is the AMC Gremlin of boats

A Prerestorero Boat?

One slick tour boat

Old guy and his fishing boat

Another shot of that old ferry tour boat

Its a Como and Going Boat

That top is a very traditional top on the lake. We also saw this sort of canopy top on old boats in Venice

One very snazzy taxi boat, not sure what that leather strap is for? Is that security? there is a ton of big money on this lake for sure.

You might wonder how we were out on the lake shooting. We rented a nice boat for 3 hrs and had some fun. What a great bunch of guys at Nautica Boats2Rent right in Varenna. Very easy and very helpful.

Here is the boat being delivered to us at the dock

We drove to lunch on a little island and parked next to this very nice taxi

The drivers side of the taxi

I wish i knew the brand of this boat, very cool!

Okay I did see a Riva, who knew they were a Gelateria store?

mmmm, I like Riva with the double planked cone

I recall the Enterprise being larger. And in NYC . But, here on Lake Como its a fishing boat.

While eating lunch this was just a bit of boat magic.


Now, I am not sure what brand boat this is, I should know because its stunning. And i promise to find out. But, here it is in all its glory. Yup! look closer. THE CELL PHONE AGAIN!

I mean you are on this insane cool boat, and your checking your phone?

Thats more like it. Stay tuned, we are here for two more glorious days.

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  1. Mike stevenson
    Mike stevenson says:

    Matt, you went all the way over the pond to lake combo and you end your post with a cool plastic boat built by Committi boats . Mike turner has been selling riva looking replicas for over 15 years in Canada USA. Committi boats are also built in Italy. Did you get to the lake Como air club it’s on the water just as you walk to the lake from the train station. Btw it is 20 min by train every hour to the heart of fashion capital for the woodyboatress and daughter should the need an option instead of visiting another boat yard. You can thank me later. Train like 10 euro

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      HAHAH! I thought it was that, but didnt want to guess. There is so much stuff here that is from another world. I get the passion, and starting to really appreciate the difference in design on a deeper level. Like going to Algonac, helps you understand American Power boating, once you are here you understand Riva and how and why it was designed. The funny thing is that its like comparing apples and oranges though. There is a surprisingly subtle beauty here within the explosive beauty, and Riva really captures that emotion. Its about textures and very small design details. Amazing location and universe

    • @WoodardWooden
      @WoodardWooden says:

      Mike Turner is located here in Vermont, and often brings a Committi to our club show or meets. Always a head “Turner”…see what i did there,

  2. Frank at Falmouth
    Frank at Falmouth says:

    Matt, the header photo today has to be my favorite of all time!. I cant say why, but that picture just speaks to me in so many ways, more so than many of the usual “perfect” shots. Thanks for sharing your trip and the wonderful images and commentary. Safe travels!

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I get that this is cool and goes with the whole “pre-restoric” theme, but dang it scares me a little.

    I think I might want to be wearing my life vest on this taxi.

  4. MO Whaler
    MO Whaler says:

    Me likes the header too – – Great gesture and timing with the hand captured in the shadowed arch – – This photog is wondering if the camera is an iPhone or DSLR and 28-300 zoom? Cloudy and bright, the light worked great – – Eager for more – –

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    Looks like another day in paradise. We on the home front are enjoying your trip. Thanks for all the great pics.

  6. JFKarlson
    JFKarlson says:

    Tip your Woody Boater hat should you pass Tremezzo on the western shore (across from Bellagio). We spent part of our honeymoon at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in 1989 (it was less grand back then). An amazing place.

  7. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That looks nice but I can’t complain. Spending the day at the Buffalo Yacht Club watching my daughter race. It’s a rough life.

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