They're Woody Boating In McCall Idaho…

This cool ice sculpture was done by Krahns Home Furnishings a family owned business in McCall.

Just because your Lake is frozen over is no excuse for not going out on a classic boat. It’s The 2010 McCall Winter Carnival. Actually the 45th one… So they do this on a regular basis…Maybe it’s something in potatoes? Actually to be worldly about this… It was started in 1924 with the arrival of the largest train ever to enter the town.. 248 folks were on board, including the Governor yada yada yada. you can read more here if you are so inclined.. It looks like a fun time, and a week long celebration of all that’s great in a small town. I am liking this place more and more each day… The Date – January 29- February 7, 2010… BUT, the big day is Saturday The 29th at noon with the big Parade… Also fellow Woody Boaters Don and Molly Hardy from McCall Boat Works will be having an Open House thing at there shop, and a boat in the Parade.. So if you are close by… OR actually… You can buy the Riva Aquarama in Florida and go up to McCall with it.. You will miss the Parade though.. Ugh, life is all about tough choices…. Wait… You can do one of those phone in bidder type deals from the open house at McCall Boat Works... while watching it on the HD channel. It will be televised. You can have a cheering section… There. The perfect weekend.
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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    McCall, Idaho is a wonderful place with wonderful, friendly people and a nice lake too. I hope to return in 2010 for the Payette Lake ACBS boat show.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Did anyone check out their website and see the photo albums from their Winter Carnival? Amazing! We couldn't get that many people to attend a parade in mid-summer around here. Some of those huge ice sculptures are true works of art. Check it out.

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