This Weekend Finger Lakes Show at Skaneatles? Skinnyatles? Scanatalese?


Amazing homes!

We got a quick text from the Syd  Marsden, our text message museum curator. Here is the text. “Good morning. Hope that all is well. Just a quick reminder that this weekend is the Finger Lakes show at Skaneatles. Have a great day” Now on the surface it looks normal. But because I am paranoid of butchering names, I googled it and guess what? Ya.. You guessed it, even Syd butchered it,  Its Skaneateles. Now, I am in NO WAY judging here. Glass house cliche here! But it does bring up an interesting question. How in the heck do you say this name? Why is the spelling so hard? AHHHHHHHH!

Classic Woody Boater Image, from the International there

Okay, its a cool town, cool show. All is cool. But the spelling? It always triggers my spelling anxiety and so I move on. And forget about the search tool on past images? I can never remember how I messed up the spelling of the name? And so I just move on. But it’s such a cool place. Heck even Mr America’s Most Wanted Guy lives there. So, if you are up to it, and ready to delve into the spelling thing. THIS WEEKEND Skaneatles? Skinnyatles? Scanatalese? And here it is googled SKANEATELES.

You can find out more by just clicking HERE.

M-fine and his beast pound the chop!

It was a tad windy

One of my favorite boats on the lake.

Kent O. Smith classic photo

Fellow hall of famer Charles Mistele gets Miss America IX ready for her part in the show! This was the event where Charles and I were inducted into the Hagerty Hall Of Fame. I MISS YOU CHUCK!

This weekend. Skinny Atlas!

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  1. Doug in Maine
    Doug in Maine says:

    By the way that mail boat, the Pat II, just came out of a major re-do at the Finger Lakes Boat Museum. She’s electric now.

    • Johnny V./John Vyverberg
      Johnny V./John Vyverberg says:

      It will be at the show. They took it over Tuesday. I’m judging, so put those Franklins under the aft port seat cushion…………….(for those with no sense of humor…..just kidding!)

  2. Jim "the Lurker"
    Jim "the Lurker" says:

    A while back, I thought someone posted a printed ad comparing making memories in a family boat over sitting around watching TV… a sort of “what will the family remember years from now” message. Would anyone be able to post that again? I have a friend new to boating and I know it would have a special meaning…Many thanks…Jim (the Lurker)

    • Jim (the Lurker)
      Jim (the Lurker) says:

      Thank you so very much Matt…that was exactly what I had hoped for…All the best…Jim (the Lurker)

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Fingerlakes New York. Probably be some Penn Yans there. I wish I could go. But you can’t be everywhere.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Amazing picture of the Garwood “Hurricane” Kent. Was at “Skinny” for quarterly ACBS meeting a few years back. Great time, just a little far from north Ga to rip on up there. Cheers to good weather and a safe show. Remember to turn on your bilge blowers before starting people.

  5. Matthew Hutchinson
    Matthew Hutchinson says:

    This boat stood out to me. Early 60’s Century Saber with orange interior. Over the top – in a goo way!

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