Today, Woody Boater In 3D


Ya, we are right here, easy to find

Today is the first in our history you can totally immerse yourself in WoodyBoaterville. Woodys & Weainers 001 starts in about an hr. How will it go? No idea? Could be boring beyond belief, or a boat could blow up and airplane land on the roof. Its a small start, but all great things start with a small seed. Just Add Water, and we have lots of water..and docks, and a $20 Grill and some frozen Weiners.

What? Weiners? Sore subject these days!

Some old wood chairs that could collapse at any point. But as we all used to say when we first fell in love. Doesn’t matter as long as we are together and having fun. We will of course have photos and a report tomorrow. And so it goes. The next chapter of woody boater starts. I do find it Ironic that until now it’s all been virtual, and now we are real…ish..

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Wish I could be there. If you have one in September, I will try to fly down with some bacon!

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