Tony Mollica To Give Presentation On Higgins Saturday August 4th at 10am.

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The first boat that visitors see at The Antique Boat Museum is the lobby boat. This season, a 1947 17’ Higgins Utility Sport Speedster was placed on display as the Annual Boat Show this year features boats of the ‘40s.

Boats of the 40’s

The museum’s Higgins has the unique automotive-style features Higgins introduced in his post-war pleasure craft. These features include the foot-operated accelerator, automobile-style steering wheel with bright chrome horn ring, steering column shift lever, and a dash panel just like those in the new postwar Pontiac automobiles. Not to be confused with this Higgins.


THIS HIGGIN’S – How cool is that! One of these may be next in the fleet at WoodyBoater HQ

Wonderful original BW images from The Museum

Why is I want to be the chauffeur in all these shots

Miss Lobby? Just kidding, Great name though!

Right past those doors is where the show is and an amazing setting on the water.

The Antique Museum’s Higgins also has the distinctive red and white paint job with chrome detailing.

Best logo in the Culture

Amazing style

Local historian and ABM Trustee Emeritus Tony Mollica will be giving a presentation on Higgins Industries on Saturday August 4th at 10am, the day of the show. Will he also be towing a PT Boat into the lobby? No? Torpedo the show? No.. Wait, how cool would that be? Tony Mollica on a bull horn at the helm of a Higgins PT boat. Egh? Come on Tony.. Lets do it.

“Torpedo Tony”

Anyone got a spare Torpedo? Maybe we just show up in a PT Cruiser with Bottle Rockets?  UGH.. Oh boy… Tony is laughing right now? Right? Tony? I can’t look.. He is laughing… Right? Well that was fun for me at least. All kidding aside Tony is an amazing presenter and a treasure to the culture of classic boating. You will learn about all the details of Higgin’s. So if you are planning on getting one, one day, its a must goto event. Anyway, we hope we are still invited to be reporting live that weekend and hope to see you there. LESS THAN 30 DAYS AWAY! MCAAAALE!


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Sweet Boats!

    Would love to sit in on Tony’s presentation, but have family plans that weekend. Maybe I can send someone who can help with his presentation?

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  2. Mike W
    Mike W says:

    Video/podcast would be great! Then the masses can see the presentation. Along with whoever Troy sends.

  3. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Randy and Judy Wagner enjoy their ’47 Higgins on the Milwaukee River. Not a museum queen…a fun user!

  4. Dennis Spillane
    Dennis Spillane says:

    Hey, I heard there might be a boat show in Port Huron soon. Maybe I’ll bring my 1947 Higgins. It was owned by the family of a former GM CEO and it has a real cool special marinized Buick motor that was built in the Flint Plant machine shop. These boats ride a lot different than any old CC. They rip!

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      Sign up to give free rides with several other of the boat during the Port Huron event. Fun time.

      • Greg Lewandowski
        Greg Lewandowski says:

        We will be giving free boat rides at the Port Huron show on Saturday from 11:00 until 2:00. We welcome all captains to volunteer your boats to give rides and join in on the fun. The ACBS will have a designated spot in the docking plan for ride boats. The only stipulation is that your boat can not be judged for an award if you give rides.
        Contact me directly if you would like to give rides.

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