Tornado's And General Chaos In WoodyBoaterville. Is That A Bad Thing?


It hit last night at around 4 PM. In the DC area we had a storm rip through here at breath taking speed. It came in so fast that when I finally got home from work. It took 1/2 hr to go one mile by the way, because all the traffic lights were out during rush hour…. Anyway when I got home the landscapers had left all there tools in the yard, dropped in place gloves everything. Our power has been out since 4 pm yesterday. No one was hurt. Tornado’s struck all around us, tree’s down and sad stories are all over the news.
At first it’s an annoyance, then that emotion converts to frustration, and then you find yourself talking in a room with your entire family. The neighbors are outdoors talking and there is a peaceful quite around the place. As in anything in life the good news is that we spent some good quality family/ friend time together. Something that never happens these days. My son will normally email me from his bedroom to see if breakfast is ready! I am not kidding. That’s modern day life in the big city these days. But not last night and today. It’s all good. No electric power, but tons of family power. Oh, and a laptop with a wireless internet do-hicky thing.