Troy Goes Full Throttle In Texas Y’all.

Fellow Woody boater Jim Frechette at the helm of Blue Moon.

Thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Troy for sending us in this great story from his trip to Texas!Take it away Troy.

I don’t know about you, but now that I am so involved with WoodyBoater and the CCABC whenever I go anywhere I look through whatever I can to see if there is any chance I can get a Woody ride while I’m there. Since I was headed to Austin Texas I thought “Ya I know there are some good Woody friends there.”

The e-mails started to fly and was sad to find out the Kerry Price had recently pulled the engine out of his boat and Jim Frechette was having manifold problems in his Sprortsman CinCity.

I am thinking this was a bit of a set up since one of Jim’s mechanics was wearing a Snap-on shirt.

Luckily old reliable Blue Moon II was sitting on the lift so Jim and Cindy were gracious enough to invite up to Lake LBJ for a lunch ride.


What a great boat for such a beautiful day.

Sandi and I got to Jim and Cindy’s place about 12:20 pm and were soon headed down the lake to the only restaurant marina on the lake.


Cindy Frechette and Sandi Hersom enjoying the ride together.



Jim and I enjoying the ride together.

As we sat out on the deck eating our burgers in the 80 F weather all I could think about was how fortunate we were to such a great network of friends and that we were not stuck in the 10 F weather in the Atlantic NothEast waiting for another foot of snow to fall.


Captain Jim getting us ready to depart.

The lake was gorgeous and the view from my seat was fabulous.



Heading back to Jim’s estate.


This is what I call living life FULL THROTTLE!


OK OK, Matt here, what are you guys doing there?

Great minds think alike.

Thanks to Jim and Cindy, Matt and Texx, and all my WoddyBoater friends for making days like this possible.

Troy in TX

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    10f would be a welcome heat wave compared to the forecast I just looked at!

    Now that Troy got his boat ride, who thinks he is header for a certain shack outside La Grange?

  2. Troy in TX
    Troy in TX says:

    Jim it looks like I could have used your proof reading also.

    Matt: That picture does look a little strange, but we were just trying to show off that we both had Full Throttle WoodyBoater T’s.

    We have had 3 days in a row of 80 degree weather. It has been GREAT! I can finally feel my fingers again.

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Looks like a great trip, and there is certainly boating in places other than Florida at this time of the year! I think Jim is always ready willing and able to take visitors out, and it must have been great for you to get away from winter for awhile, Troy.

    See you and Jim in March!

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I thought Texas was in a severe drought. LBJ looks like its at full pool. Hope you can get back in your driveway Troy when you get back home. Enjoy the change of weather.

    • Jim Frechette
      Jim Frechette says:

      The flood control/water supply lakes are extremely low. Lake LBJ, created under the auspices of, well, LBJ, is a constant level, pass-through lake and as such, makes it much more desirable to live on in case someone like LBJ were to build on, which he did.

      Sad to say, the house pictured above is not mine but just one we passed by. Mine is a little more modest.

      • Troy in TX
        Troy in TX says:

        Oh Jim you could have played that up a little you know. I never said it was your place, just implied it a little.

        M-Fine in case you were really curious.

  5. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Troy, great shot of you and Jim showing off your Tee’s (or something like that). I also am envious of anyone that can go Woody Boating this time of year. I am ready for Tavares! Just a few more weeks! Woohoo!

    • Darryl Blagrove
      Darryl Blagrove says:

      Not sure what was going on but looks like a possible water depth check in which they found out the water is to deep. Temperature check in which they never made it over the boat to the water. Or they were doing a weird comparison check which I recommend not trying at home.
      p.s. I’m still jealous but I can you two the water is cold and deep!!

  6. Alex
    Alex says:

    Two good guys enjoying a classic boat. All that was missing were a few beers.

    Btw, Troy, when I read “the 10 F weather,” I read it a little differently than “Farenheit.” That’s certainly how I feel about the -20 F weather headed our way.

    Get Jim to take you out in the 25 Sportsman!

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