We Are NOT In Woodyboaterville Anymore.



This past Friday, the boatress and I made a quick dash to Los Angeles for work and a chance to see our son who is an artist living out here. Now, things change here in LA, the town changes very fast and this are more fluid than most cities. Which in a way makes it a fun place to visit. But yikes, it can also make you feel your age or even older. And yikes to the second power, this is a different economy here. And DC is one of the most expensive cities in the US to live in.


Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the weather today?

One thing is for sure, it aint Woodyboaterville, that magic place were time is appreciated and ignored all at the same time. A special place were timeless design is part the texture of the place. You can feel right at home the first time you visit.  Now, don’t get us wrong here. WE LOVE LA! LOVE IT. This is one our top 10 places to visit and live. We wish we had time to head up to lake Arrowhead, but its a jammed packed work week. The people are fantastic, and the community embraces the arts, heck it is the arts. But classic woody boating in Hollywood only happens on the big screen. The old big screen. Not really here. But there is an appreciation for the past, and that part is fantastic. Regardless of all that, I still aint pay’n 10 bucks for a box of Pringles. Sure, will drop 10 bucks on fuel to burn for the woody boat. But Pringles?


What in the hell is Rum hand Wash? Yikes!

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  1. Darthtrader
    Darthtrader says:

    Welcome to LA Baby! Looks like somebody in the creative department got one of those games where you have three columns of words, pick one word from each, and add a stupid price and see who bites.

  2. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    With prices like that it’s no wonder an 850 sq. ft. house costs $1.2M!! Yikes!! And Double Yikes!!

  3. chugalug
    chugalug says:

    I see you got something from all the food groups.Stay healthy ,my friend.Oh wait a minute .I don’t know you.

  4. DougP in the PNW
    DougP in the PNW says:

    People refer to it as L.A., wherein fact L.A. refers more to Los Angeles county,-an area that is extremely diverse, from Venice to Pasadena, Beverly Hills to Baldwin Hills. I have lived in many great areas….but my heart always goes back to L.A.

  5. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    Matt, you could come visit us in Fallbrook. Only two hours away, or five hours with traffic.

  6. Rosalia
    Rosalia says:

    The Rum Hand Wash is used by fisherman to remove the fish “stink” from their hands. …not sure if that would be used in the hotel as well??

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