We Made It!

potomac run 14

Yikes, we danced between storms.

Well, that was easy! Easy when nothing to horrible happens. The trusty 430 Lincoln engine did her job and loved doing it. Only two fill ups, or roughly around 50 gallons of fuel used in a 4 1/2 hr run from Oqaquan to Reedville VA.

potomac run 6

The first fill up right under I95 rush hour

The one issue. Rain, lots of it. But thankfully no real heavy seas.

potomac run 12

I had to hand run the Windshiled wiper. A part from the original I never fully replaced.. Its original though and the motor works.. Just needs another insert thing.

potomac run11

nailed around Colonial Beach!

potomac run 8

We all huddled under the windsheild.. Perfect..ish. The top is on a trailer headed south..

potomac run 10

The dam storm cloud and drizzle followed us for an hr

All old school, no GPS or radar crap, just the way dear old dad would have done it… with an Iphone


Potomac run 2

Were on our way..

Potomac run 1

There is a entire State, wait two States in there someplace. Thats a wall of storm were headed into. Yikes

We stopped at Tall TImbers MD a great place for a old school fill up and made it to Reedville for lunch.

potomac run 20

At the dock near the bay! Tall Timbers Suzy shines

potomac run 15

Amazing layout and the perfect woody boat

Sorry, no break downs, sinking, things popping off, nothing. As one of my co workers said.. What no Sharknado? Nope.. I suppose a clean run is always the best when the weather is more than iffy.

potomac run 23

back under way

potomac run 3

Scarlet found her perfect spot

potomac run 4

Jimmy and his new Algonac Marine Cast shirt.

potomac run 25

We were prepared for anything. Home made Marshmellows, and nabs. And beer in the cooler. What? What else is there? Oh Chips.. Sorry..

potomac run 27

At the three hour tour stage i put on the Gilligan cap

potomac run 29

Reedville! Home

potomac run 30

At the dock! Phew!

potomac run 32

Suzy heads home to her new home with jimmy!

Thanks to Jimmy, Dennis and Scarlet for making today a special day. I have wanted to make this run for over 10 years and today regardless of the crappy rain was the perfect day!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    What no frozen wieners for the trip?

    Never doubted you would make it for a minute, but I was trying to broker my brothers boat to Hank.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Congratulations to Jimmy, Dennis, Scarlet & Matt on a successful trip. Sounds like a fantastic day on the water regardless of the weather.

    I can’t think of a guy I would be more comfortable with at the helm as Jimmy.

    Great story Matt.

  3. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    So did that trip help soften the blow of passing Suzy on? I’m still stunned that you let such a perfect boat go! Anyway it does look like it was a perfect trip! It’s exactly the kind of trip I like! Having an actual destination in mind instead of just aimless cruising with no schedules to worry about……wait! I like any kind of Woody boating!! What am I saying!!

  4. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Congrats on completing what was a difficult run, no matter what you say. I wish I could say that last Saturday in Algonac was prearranged as a training session, but we would never have wanted that weather for the show. However, it did set the mood for your adventure today. Jimmy’s Scarlet could be the sister of our “boat dog” Mo!

  5. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    Just read about a water spout in the Chesapeake near Virginia. Sounded like a fun trip !

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Beautiful photo KW. I’ve got to believe a little digital editing could really make it pop. Gorgeous dog too.

      • Kentucky Wonder
        Kentucky Wonder says:

        Thanks, Alex. The photo is pretty much straight out of the iPhone. Just cropped it a little to remove part of my hand trying to shade the lens. Baker the dog is OK with boating, but much happier to be IN the water. Will retrieve thrown tennis balls all day.

  6. Jim Schafer
    Jim Schafer says:

    I am 52 and beginning the process of wearing a ball cap to hide the bald spot in the back. I see that you and Dennis were sporting one too. When is Jimmy going to break out of his twenties and start loosing his hair? It ain’t right! Glad you all made it. See you this weekend.

  7. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    Good thing that top was on a trailer. Don’t want to get those zippers wet!

    (I just did 3 hours on the Chesapeake last month but it was in a tupperware so that doesn’t count.)

  8. David
    David says:

    11 gallons an hour is not bad for a big block!!! Glad you are safe and sound. Sounded like a great run rain or shine.

  9. Paul Raley
    Paul Raley says:

    Next time you stop by Tall Timbers Marina you should ask Rick to see the Hacker designed Fitzgerald and Lee 30′ commuter “Lions Welp” going to seed in the yard. I remember when she was in fine shape and in the water 20 years ago. Beautiful boat that deserves to be rescued! I have pictures then and now.

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Maybe you should send then to Matt and Texx. With the readership of WB, perhaps they could do a little “someone please save this boat!” story.

      • Paul Raley
        Paul Raley says:

        Alex, I took your advice and sent some pictures to Matt and Texx. I will keep my fingers crossed….

  10. Bob Ulrich
    Bob Ulrich says:

    Hey you were only about 1 1/2 from my house when you stopped in at Tall Timbers, sorry I missed ya! Looks like it was a great trip despite the rain.

    Paul’s right about “Lions Welp”, hate seeing her just deteriorate!

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