Will We Make It? DC To Reedville On The Potomac In A Classic Boat Today!

Suzy Splash 1

Suzy can take a beating.

Well, this morning we are off…off our rockers, Headed down the Potomac River in “Suzy” a 1960 24′ Chris Craft Sportsman. Will we make it? I have no idea. That huge 430 Lincoln engine likes her gasoline for sure.

suzy Belmont Bay

Suzy resting on Suzy in Belmont Bay

Jimmy, Dennis, Scarlet and I will be watching the gas stick for sure. Jimmy knows where all the gas stations are, which is a good thing, cause we may visit each one. I wonder what will be moving faster, the tach or gas gauge…OK I think that covers all the fuel jokes. Suzy is all swelled up and ready to ride the long 6 hr run. For those of you not familiar with the river. Here is a map of the journey.

Potomac map

The trip is roughly  a 6 hr expected run. Maybe 9… Maybe?

Now. If for some reason, and there are plenty of reasons, I have posted my last wishes before. Just a reminder.  My instructions for my funeral.

Stay tuned for if we make it later tonight.. Or tomorrow, or…..

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Looks like a Fabulous trip and it sounds like you have a fun crew with you.
    Read the funeral story for the first time. Interesting idea!
    Did ARRRGH get the Viking funeral he wrote about?

    • WoodyGal
      WoodyGal says:

      Yes Troy he did! The NO jazz band became a kazoo band and the Viking boat a model boat loaded with a long fuse M-80! Larry’s big bang was heard 5 miles down the lake followed by a 21 rubber band pistol salute and Mexican food! Just what he asked for with some creative modifications.

  2. Bob Ulrich
    Bob Ulrich says:

    Hey you’re going to go right by me, well darn close, when you head by Saint George’s Island. Have a safe trip.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Sounds like a great run and fun day, but if you do want to save on the fuel bill, what happened to Suzy’s trailer?

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It was Canada Day yesterday, and it is only 5:30 am out west, so chief black cloud is probably still in bed with a hangover.

    TIM WHITE says:

    I have the chance to buy the same boat, same motor,
    original owner, needs a little love, runs and drives
    any clue what its worth ??

  6. Gene Porter
    Gene Porter says:

    Great trip; hope you made it over the sandbars in Belmont Bay!

    Watch out for the LNG tankers reputed to be loading soon for exporting “our” frackgas at Cove Point.

    If it gets dark before you arrive, you may be able to navigate to Reedville by homing in on the fish [processing aromas!

  7. Alex
    Alex says:

    That last curvy part could be… interesting.

    Plenty of life jackets with you, I hope? Wear one (each).

    Take lots of pics.


    Oh, and be careful when you pee overboard.

  8. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Hell YES you are going to make it.

    Great trip, been there done that.

    My favorite “am I going to make it story” as heard over marine radio.

    Guy is on the Chesapeake in a storm, calls ahead to his destination marina.

    Tells the guy he is worried he won’t make it.

    guy asks what kind of boat are you in?

    reply: a Bertram 31

    reply: well, I don’t know if YOU are going to make it, but the BOAT certainly is.

    be safe, expect details and pics.

    John in Va.

  9. Nautilus
    Nautilus says:

    You will make it…easy trip and fairly scenic. Buy a bushel of crabs when you make a fuel stop…and Beck’s beer. As for the funeral arrangements, you might want to re-think the paint, and varnish idea. Have your ashes mixed with the 5200! You’ll be immortalized!

  10. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    I like either the bilge paint or 5200 methods. Leave the varnish alone. However, the boat in which you are immortalized will need a small photo (with your name and years of life imprinted on it) installed somewhere very discretely. Make sure it is waterproof, and hide it under the dash or under the bow decking. This is just so later guardians of the boat will understand whose soul is in their care.

  11. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    “SOAK UP” Do you have a 5 gal bucket, they are good for two things on that long of a trip:):)

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