With A Thousand Islands, There Has To Be A Dock .

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Woohooo. Clayton is just two weeks away, Got the Barrel Back all spiffed up to go woody boating. But ..Dang. No dock space. If you sign up for the show your boat is held hostage, rightfully so I might ad. Folks pay to see the boats, so there should be boats. But this time I need to come and go. mostly go. I want to explore the 1000 Islands. Or at least a couple hundred of them in woody boat style. We have a great room at the Wellesley Inn in TI Park on Wellesley Island. But there is no room at the inn for Sylvia. So I am reaching out to any fellow woody boater that might have a dock space/ boat house near there for the weekend. Near Clayton is not as big of an issue. This is for night time slippage. Something more than a public dock. Something about a restored 1941 Barrel back sitting out in the open aint right.