Woody Boater Classic Boat Destination. Wait.. Who Cares When You Have A Land & Water Cruiser.

Can’t decide were to go this weekend with your cool nifty classic boat. The mountains or the lake. Well no worries you can do both. Camp out cook some weenies on the camp fire and go fishing without ever leaving the boat. Thanks to the eBay freak show and our woody boater pal David Konick that opportunity is right at your fingertips. Land &Water Amphibious Cruiser OK it’s mostly metal , OK its a mess, OK it needs patches, but according to the listing it does have some “would” in it. I am reading that as wood, but maybe its not a typo… Maybe we should be wouldy boater. Because that is more of the truth here. Regardless of the jokes. This would..wood. woooould .. be the conversation piece of any boat show. And your wife’s friends, wondering what sort of husband she married. The good news is that it kinda comes with it’s own trailer, and camper. The lines on this camper look as if they were designed as one with the boat, the subtle transition and aerodynamic lines are reminiscent of the…….. oh! god… I need to get away… In just my boat. UPDATE … SOLD FOR $115.00 Dang! We missed it. I was prepared to go as high as $116