Woody Boater Live Breaks Records!


Amazing Soak tank in the workshop!

On Saturday, many of you tuned into see us live from the Antique Boat Center. With over 150 folks showing up to the open house at The Antique Boat Center, making it the largest such event yet. Add on to that an estimated 100 viewers on the Live feed, the numbers look fantastic. We also on Saturday hit over 1,600 visits with 4,000 hits. Making it in the top ten of Saturdays in the 5 year history of Woody Boater. The live feed worked perfectly and is the start of something cool. We will of course try and invent new ways to use it. You can visit the Ustream WoodyBoater page here and watch the mistakes and attempts to get it working. There is a brief tour of the Antique Boat Centers new HQ, but for those of you you want some pics, Enjoy!

The under 30’s were there in force. More on these two later. Each one is a story on its own.

This place is insane. A massive whearhouse packed full of fantastic woody goodyness

Long time fellow Woody Boater Dennis Mykloss spankn new Lyman, ready to haul back up to Michigan!That Lyman is PERFECT! Very nice, new everything.

The limeted edition 1-19-2013 Sons Of varnish Long sleeve t’s. There are rougly 20 left in most sizes. There is a small for ya Woody Gal! Only sold at Antique Boat Center.

How the cool soak tank looks.

Spank’n new clean room!

The pre war 25 sportsman is very very sweet. TWIN K’s make it fun to drive and easy to handle.

Everything is organized. Each one of these motors is marked and inventoried. There are more walls of motors by the way.

The big showroom. By the way, these are water tested ready to go. There are two more building full of boats!

A wonderful Woody ready for work

Everyone had a ton of fun

More fun. This real nice Sedan is waiting for you to go Woody Boating.


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  1. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    Great job Matt, I think you are really on to something here. No reason why every wooden boat show in the country shouldnt have someone with a camera so everyone in the country who wants to can see all of the boats on display, if you are willing to run the feed.

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      Along the line of liveish boat shows, we at Great Lake Scuttlebutt Magazine are starting to do U-Tube videos of major winter boats shows, posted a day later. We walk you thru the show and do serveral 2-3 minute interviews on new excititing products.
      We will post on Thrusdays and Fridays, to intice boaters to come on down to the show on the weekend.
      We have been testing this concept for a while, and the first full production show will be this week’s Milwaukee Boat Show. Cutting edge stuff for those who can not make it to a local major boat show this winter. The next show will be February’s Grand Rapids Boat Show, where yours truly will be the “on screen interviewer! (You just know my Water Wonderland chapter’s Classic Display will get ALOT of coverage)
      I think we are close to doing this type of broadcast this summer for our Classic Boat Shows. Stay tuned…

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Great job. When it was live I was only able to watch sporadically (damn work kept getting in the way) it was nice to be able to watch it latter in its entirety.

  3. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    I could’t watch on Saturday so I was glad to be able to watch on Sunday! Thanks all.

    A long sleeved T? Really? It’s about time! How does I purchase it?

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Man, would I love an engine rack (and a warehouse to house it) like that, just one bay. I bet Joel Turbrugen is peeing in his pants over that clean room. No pix of Jeremy’s engine shop? Look forward to all these upcoming video casts. Someone find a Star Trek “transporter” I can borrow.

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