Woody Heaven – Mystic Seaport, CT


Nan, 46′ classic yacht, built by Dawn Boat Yard in Long Island, NY

High Tea, 58′ Ditchburn commuter 1929

Reporting from The 17th Annual Wooden Boat Show, Mystic Seaport, CT, June 27th – 29th.

Wow, what a venue for a wooden boat show!

We arrived in Mystic Thursday afternoon, from Cape Cod via Newport for re-fueling, and South to Mystic aboard the boat we are exhibiting on, The Mouse II, a 36′ Chris-Craft Corvette 1969 (see my article from January, Cool Car, Cooler Boat). What a spectacular ride up the Mystic River into Mystic Harbor, then historical Mystic Seaport (a recreated 19th century seafaring New Engand village).


If you have never been to Mystic and you enjoy anything maritime, highly recommend the trip! End if you didn’t make this show, make a point to come next year. Wooden Boat Magazine produces this event, the largest for the industry.

The highlight for me is the incredible diversity of wooden boats, products, trades, people, etc., from self-propelled pedal kayaks to classic Chris-Craft and Gar Wood runabouts to a MacKenzie Bass Boat to a 1929, 58′ Ditchburn commuter built in Canada, as well as the existing Mystic in-water tall ships and fishing schooners; there are boatbuilding demonstrations, exhibits build your own boat workshops, an historic, working shipyard and working sawmill, marine antiquities, kit boats, model boats, wooden boat schools…you name it, anything to do with wooden boats is here!

Mouse II, 36′ Chris-Craft Corvette 1969

The boats that are here are stunning. Then there are the people – this is a great opportunity to meet some fascinating folks from around the world, passionate about boating and boatbuilding, the craft of designing, building, restoring, and enjoying wooden boats and yachts.

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  1. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Daaaaang! Way do go, what an awsome show. Mystic seaport is one of the coolest areas to see cool boats. I think its the only place in the US that can make a Garwood look like a fancy new boat.. WOW. If you are in the area, This is a must go..

  2. Roy
    Roy says:

    What a gorgeous boats are there, I would like to see more picturs of the Chris-Craft Corvette, and the Aphrodite and Ditchburn 58″. Here in Europe you can’t find this type of boats.

    Regards, Roy

  3. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    The Nan, now owned by a couple from New Zealand, was featured in the 81 movie Absence of Malice, starring Paul Newman and Sally Field!

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