Ya, I Am At Table Rock! Me And Morgan Fairchild! That’s The Ticket!


Wow, the water was rough, but fun out there. Good to smell the fresh air! ahhhhhhh

While I am here in HQ, working my patootie off, all our pals are out cruising around Table Rock eating big sandwiches with grey poupon on them. Dang, Every year the big ACBS International Show happens on my busiest time of year. In this one week, I will have been in Washington DC, Reedville, Santa Monica, and Hollywood. And BACK by Saturday. And yet, through the magic of the internet and email, I get to pretend like I am at Table rock as well. Opened up my Grey Poupon I got in Michigan, and put on sun tan lotion sitting in front of my computer on the plane tomorrow. … So for the next week here on Woody Boater, I am at Table Rock as well! Shhhhh don’t tell my clients. I really have a holagram of me doing my job. Here are some shots to proove that I am actually there! The fun part of this, is that If you did not read this you’ll wonder on later stories why they have not seen us at the show. So please, lets have some fun with this. I am there! You have seen me around, I was on this or that boat. For example, how else would I have known that Jim Frechette’s transmission went out yesterday? mmmm?

Jim Frechette’s Old Paint, headed out for our cruise. He had some transmission issues, but aparently can fix that with a can of beer, ya need to ask him about that. We had a good laugh about that!. HA

Dick and Linda Kish out on the water in there stunning Gar Wood, Hi Linda, yes thats me… send me that pic would ya!

How cool are these, like bugs James Bond was out there. I was with Pussy Galore, in the third boat.

The docks were already busy, here is my aunt Myrtle taking some snap shots for her scrap book.

We will update as things happen, so stay tuned.. Now I need to get back to my boat, ya, its right over there!


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I’m glad you finally broke out your Old Club Gray Poupon. Sounds like you are putting it to good use. Try to get a couple shots of the Michigan Chapter guys that are there. It was a long haul for them, and it would be nice to see their boats on Woodyboater.

  2. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Hey I,m there too!
    Matt it was great seeing you yesterday down on the docks and talking about the Friday night After Glow Party. We will be drinking Ozark moonshine soon.

  3. Carl Garmhaus
    Carl Garmhaus says:

    You all know that anything can be fixed with a can of beer. That’s how my wife fixed me. Especially watch out for John from Michigan and his recently aquired XK 22. Too much go fast for him.

  4. Kathy Rhodes
    Kathy Rhodes says:

    Thanks for the great banner shot featuring two past presidents from the ACBS-Toronto chapter! Chris Bullen is driving with his wife, Julie, right beside him. Behind them are Greg and Pat Martin. More of the Canadian contingent are on their way.

  5. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Matt, i’m here as well on the other side of the lake and I think I spotted you in your Big House Orange Son’s of Varnish shirt!!! I’m swimming over in my inner tube with my I-phone getting some great pictures… See you soon!

  6. thomas dial
    thomas dial says:

    Table Rock is beautiful, been looking forward to running the lake all year. but i’ve been beached, the old k motor started knocking thursday. can’t wait to see all the beautiful old boats.

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