Ya- It's Just A Bunch Of Old Farts Looking At Boats Here In FLA!

So you are sitting there in Cleveland reading this, thinking..mmm maybe I should have gone to Florida… Naaaaaa, just a bunch of boat nerds talkn about what size varnish brush to use.. Well.. sorry!

Terry Fiest Rocked the house last night with a very moving Cocktail recieption. Here pictured with the Mayor of Tavaras. The presentation of Miss America was amazing!

As you sit there this morning reading this.. We are having a ton of fun. Texx as you read below finilay got his boat in.. Dang that thing is cool.. Tavaras is done an amazing job, and as usual, the volunteers are stealing the show. Terry Fiest and Craig Hartwig are zipping around on there Segways making sure this is the best show of the year… They are like the East German shotput team of the 1970’s… Stearoids? Boat show enhancement drugs? I aint saying nuth’n. Cause it’s work’n. So Mr Bill in Iowa… here’s to you… we miss you………….Stay tuned, if you can believe it. today is the big day! Oh dear god help us all… Put your pace makers on stun!

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