Yesterday Was International Vintage Boat Day!


Right back at ya!

In true form, we are on a Hurricane watch on a day designed to celebrate vintage boating. But the good folks up in Canada went all in. With planned cruises all over the area. This seems to be a 2nd year thing, and since there is no real info on the day out there, like WIKI, it appears to be something our special community is trying to get started. WE ARE ALL IN! Maybe if we made a bigger splash about it. Abooot it.. It could take off, and bring more awareness to our small universe.

Fender Fest?

Moooooom! Really? Come on Mom, faster

Grey Poupon anyone? WOW, stunning

the slowest race EVER

slow ride

You again? Okay, okay, wave back for gods sake.

WOW, with a top.


SKIPPY II I love SKIPPY as a boat name.

Big beauty

I swear I saw him. He has a face like a spotlight. His eyes just burned into mine. There is a certain glow about him. Oh? his name.. IVA? I have more jokes but will spare you. People take a dim view of such humor.

Happy family

I wonder how that sounds? Cool!

Lets sit and watch

Another slow race.

girgle girgle

Wetness is a good thing

A HUGE THANKS to CHRIS and JULIE BULLEN for the images. You can read more on the Toronto ACBS site HERE!

Ya ya, okay.. would someone please wave back…

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  1. Chris Bullen
    Chris Bullen says:

    ACBS Toronto came up with international vintage boating day last year as something happened and we could not have a boat show. So we dreamed up the day so no wiki has it. Greg (The Dude in the white Donzi) figured if you can have a national prosecco day, we could have a vintage boating day this was our second run and I was not sure if only 5 boats would show up. It was the first event this year that we could gather. A wonderful day on the water with our woody boater friends. We hope it continues to grow Internationally in the years to come

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I think I know him. Is that IVA Biggin?

    But what I really want to know is more about this Shepherd. That thing is WAY COOL! Is the kids cockpit in front of the engine? When I first looked at the pic I thought it was an outboard boat. And no windshield! I think you should do a story on this one!

    Oh and while I’m at it: Why is’nt it pronounced [ Chef-erd ]?

  3. Muddy Paws @ SML
    Muddy Paws @ SML says:

    Smith Mountain lake Virginia had an International vintage boat cruise Saturday. We had seven vintage boats in attendance and thanks to the local paper for announcing the cruise we had spectators cheering and photographing from their docks.

  4. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    what is with Canadians and leaving the fenders hanging?

    Great pix otherwise.

    I am hauled out for bottom painting…so not Going Boating until next week…

    John in Va.

    • Shep22
      Shep22 says:

      Great pics otherwise, indicates you know nothing about Muskoka and a boat is the transportation and is not just on and off a trailer for a ride.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      Fender Queens, most Canadian docks on the Muskoka, Rosseau, Joseph chain have low linear docks. They don’t put vertical 2×6’s with rubber dock guards on that extend above the rub rail like we did. So when single handling a boat, you just drop your fender line and pull up to their linear dock and you have protection.

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Hi John,

      As someone born and raised in Canada, I think it’s a different mindset when it comes to fenders. Canadians in general are a tad more linear in thinking and lean on the side of practicality than Americans. (And yes, I know that’s a super broad generalization.) I see the cultural difference whenever I return “home” to Ottawa.

      Canadians see it as simply more “efficient” to leave fenders hanging. And hey, check out their nifty way of connecting them together! Give that guy a maple cookie.

      Still, I agree with you that cosmetically, it’s less attractive than seeing the clean lines of the boat, no matter how fancy the fenders. Especially given some of the exquisite Canadian-built boats.

      And no, it has nothing to do with using a boat for transportation vs on and off a trailer. Here in Hessel, our boats are ALWAYS in the water at their cottage docks/boathouses, and they make frequent sorties, and you’ll never see a fender down when one is underway.

      …unless Mayer is visiting, and took a boat to the Distillery without consulting the owner…

      Think of it this way. It’s easier to tell where a photo was taken if there are fenders down. Thanks Canada! 🇨🇦

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