You Can't Afford Not To Go To Lake Dora This Spring!


I just booked my room at the Mission Inn near Lake Dora for the big Sunnyland 2010 Annual Antique Boat Festival on Lake Dora… $99…. yup…ninety nine smackeroos… Greenbacks… dead presidents…. Or 1 dead president less than a Benjamen.. one C note minus a Georgy… Nine sawbucks one fin and four bucks…… OK that got out of hand…… But this show brings out a giddiness just thinking about it. It’s the start of Spring and boating season for many of us… Those of you in warm places… It means the start of your mosquito infested humid swamp aired summers… So there!!!! as you all sit there smug about your 75 degree winter days while we are digging out from the coldest winter in decades… OK that got out of hand as well…. Anyway… This show is our chance to get outdoors and see each other again, show of our buff arms from all the sanding and varnishing and brag on our barn finds. The show is put on by one of the best Chapters of the ACBS.. They are very active and do an amazing job… I am just not saying this because they are all volunteers and that’s the nice thing to say.. This group could make a profession out of this. It’s very well put together and a blast.. We will be there at the Chris Craft Antique Boat Clubs tent mooching space and posting stories live from the show… So the countdown starts today…. Only 62 days left….. Wooohoooo….

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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Matt, Don't forget the Chicken-on-a-Stick.

    The Century Boat Club will also have a tent set up and plans to have over 30 Century's at the Sunnyland event this year. For more info see the link on the right.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I look forward to being in Tavares this year for the show and seeing all the boats, including the Century classics. We need to get a group photo of folks in their new Woody Boater Yacht Caps for the record book. It should be a good time for all.

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