1934 Garwood/ Chris Craft Speedster on eBay.

What a cool find, a 1934 Garwood Speedster. Seller claims to be the real thing. Wow. Woody Boater strongly recommends that you do very deep research though. It was very common to convert normal utilities to speedsters. The same goes for Thunderbolts by Century. The description on the header does say Garwood /Chris Craft. Just ask the seller to clarify. He also claims documentation. And what ever you do, go look at it in person with someone that knows these things. Should not be a problem up in that neck of the woods. Regardless, a very fun boat, and may have a fun story about it. But understand, the difference in value is huge. eBay item #130201313001
UPDATE: AUCTION ENDED EARLY read comments. Hopefully this helped. He seemed like an honest guy.
NEW UPDATE! 3/1/08 Re listed as Chris Craft. New description is rather thin , so please do your research .
SELLER UPDATE 3/3/08 Seller leaves comments. Read comments below.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    They only made 1 Speedster in 1936. It’s in a collection in CA. The hull# he posted is a 1938 Chris-Craft. Also has CC dash, wheel, lift rings and not enough crown in the deck.

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Oh boy, the bidding is already up to 16K. Someone is going to be pissed off. Either the seller, or the new buyer. Well. This is the sort of thing that happens every day. I don’t think the seller is doing this with ill intent. I think he believes he has the real deal. At some point this switch was done, and then transfered on, and so on, until the true history is lost in time. This was happening in the car world, still does. There are more z/28’s out there now than were built. We need standards. Stay tuned. We are doing a story on this very issue. And this is a perfect example of why? Thanks for the research.

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I was looking on the Gar Wood web site yesterday and couldn’t find anything like it. That’s why, It’s a Chris Craft 15.5′ Deluxe Runabout that’s been seriously modified. CC built them between 1938 and ’41.

  4. Bill
    Bill says:

    I agree with all. If you look at how many Gar Wood Speedsters there are in the world, you’d think that Gar Wood made thousands of them. Most, of course, are modern-day, interpretations of the original with limited value, and no historic significance. Others, such as this one, are actually based on modified old boats…being misprepresented…intentionally or otherwise. Somebody is unfortunately paying a lot of money for what is not really there.

  5. plufdady
    plufdady says:

    to whom it may concern,
    i am the seller of this boat.
    i am not the owner of this boat, it is part of the estate of the late Frank Toci.
    i am selling this boat for his estate and am not making a profit from its sale, i was hired for a fee to take care of all the material items that are to be auctioned off.
    i unfortunately do not know anything more than i was shown. i was shown paperwork that stated it was a gar wood boat. i have pics that i will update the auction with to show that what i say is true.
    i appologize for any confusion caused by this.

  6. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Thanks for the update. Your listing is creating quite a stir. A Garwood speedster is the rarest of the rarest. There are several forums all commenting on this as I email. The paper trail is critical. We will update anything you would like. Good luck.

  7. eilendover
    eilendover says:

    The Antique Boat Museum
    750 Mary Street
    Clayton, NY 13624

    History of Garwood Boats

    Speedster Era

    The next change came in 1934 with the introduction of the 16′ split cockpit runabout. Then in mid-year Gar Wood received a personal request from his good friend Edward Noble, owner of the Lifesaver Candy Company. Since 1926 Noble had been speeding on the St. Lawrence River in his famous 33′ Baby Gar, “SNAIL”. He told Gar Wood that he and his friends on the St. Lawrence River wanted a small, sporty racer that would be like a water version of the popular European sports cars. Gar Wood’s answer was a high performance sixteen footer with 2 seats aft of the engine that he called the “Speedster”. Its performance and appearance was similar to a cut-down Miss America racer. Noble fell in love with the boat and the first dozen produced were sent to the St. Lawrence River for Noble and his friends. His speedster was named the “Miss Behave” and others in the group were called “Miss Adventure”. “Miss Chief”, and “Miss Conduct”. Speedster racing became a regular event on the St. Lawrence River right to the start of World War II. (Today the original “Miss Behave” is in the Thousand Islands Shipyard Museum).

    THERE ARE MORE THAN 1 still out there rare indeed. I have 1 just so and shes available!
    eilendover….yahoo too

  8. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Thanks for that comment. I hope whom ever is bidding on this boat is checking this boat out. I would love a real one someday. That and a thunderbolt, it just needs to be a nicly documented boat.

  9. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Any old garwood speedster would need a new bottom likely by now, possibly new deck, motor work..

    At $1,500 to 2K a foot just to redo the bottom will run $24,000 and then its full of new wood and you are still into more work

    What is someone going to pay for a original 16ft speedster..

    A reproduction boat of a garwood speedster done to scale and with period type hardware will day in and day out bring a smile to your face in terms of reliability and performance,

    the original will have to sit in a boathouse or museum and everyone will have to talk about the reproduction boat and how nice it is..

    Newly built boats need to be better recognized for the value of their craftsmanship and performance ..most refinished antique boats vary little from reproduction boats when they are completed.

  10. eilendover
    eilendover says:

    Very very nicely put darlin! In this day and age ANYTHING of true craftsmanship should be held in value. Recognition to me is not ever taken so lightly by me. Threes too little craftsmanship in most peoples lives Craftsmanship in marriages…..love honor cherish Monogamy. Family values have gone to shyt and sure could use a shot of craftsmanship. Our communities and our nations as well. I remember back when I was a young child oh about 5 or 6. Well my daddy gave my mom a break and took us kids (my brother and sister and I) to work with him. My dad owned his own company. Custom carpentry. Kitchen cabinets/bars/ true raised panels etc etc. Well the day he took us to work he made me feel like I was important. He sat me on top of a counter top, making me think I was holding it down so he could screw it down. That was on the 38th floor of the Wilshire Regency in Los Angeles California. Years had gone by close to 25 years and I was amazed at how much work thru the years my father had done. He had remodeled about 75% of all the tenants there and the lobby wow how exquisite! I knew way back then that was the ticket for me. I wanted to create/build things that would have long lasting value and beauty and make a better living then flipping a burger. I learned the woodworking trade advanced into custom woodworking for Mahoney Coach Builder and O’Gara Coachworks. Top leading Limousine manufactures back then. I helped design and built a custom limo for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia (that was a hoot since women in there eyes are less than dirt) I mastered metal working probably more. Lathes, milling machines and of course welding mig,tig,heliarc and acetylene. I built magneto and battery testers for our government. I’ve lived a rich and robust creative life and yet was never called a tomboy. I still hold out hope of finding Mr. Right and build my own custom home. The last 10 years ive owned/operated my own landscape company. I have a passion for creative outdoors work. Love fishing/boating but no captain for my boat! LOL I live up at Canyon Lake Texas and I think my boat sees more rain water then lake water. I’m fairly new to the wood boats. I had to take a crash course. I wish I had more time and done a few things differently. The difference would have boiled right back down to craftsmanship. I just sold a 1936 Garwood speedster. This boat really had some history. Its origination came down from a very large family trust to a very good friend of mine Good friend of mine that recently passed away. About 10 years ago the boat underwent any and all needed repairs, varnish, and rebuilt engine only to find its way into a bitter divorce suit. My friend striped everything out of the boat and was fix in to chain saw her in half. The value of the boat plummeted in the divorce and was passed aside. For the next eight years she sat garaged. Beautiful shell and a whole lot of puzzle pieces. The engine was never taken apart and sat intact off to the side. I told myself I needed another boat like I needed a hole in my head. There was and still is allot of grievance over the death of my friend and the beneficiary of the boat wanted it gone and gone fast. Pre spring and spring is my busiest time of the year and I pushed aside my work to deal with this boat. I found someone who not only have the time desire and money to restore her would back to her glory….he would cherish her. I sold her for a mere $6000.00. My regret…..it’s all sinking in now. I should have bought her and applied my craftsmanship come to think of it I would have changed her name to Miss This!

  11. James
    James says:

    Hello to everyone ! I am in the process of building a Garwood Speedster.Needless to say,this will tax my wood working skills.
    Anyway I agree with what Anonymous and eilendover,wrote on craftsmanship.I believe it reflects the soul of a man or woman and the things they create,be it family or boats. The builders of reproduction boats need to be recognized,and I would like to be one of them.hint hint The Craftsmanship they put into in these boats is absolutely beautiful.Also if I'm not mistaken,the original
    Miss Behave sports a modern V8 so much for nostalgia..LOL Well be sweet and keep it above the waterline
    PS The last reproduction Speedster sold for $69,900.00

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