25 Years In A Barn, 4 Winters Of Work, 1 Amazing Correct Craft!

25 years in one place, She is ready to GO!

25 years in one place, She is ready to GO!

Long time fellow Woody Boater and our go to T Shirt maker Alan Arrighi has been working on his dream boat for some time, we are very excited to share Alan’s story! Happy Sunday, this is what it’s all about. Take it away Alan!

Introducing the 1955 19′ Hurricane model. 1955 was Correct Craft’s 30th anniversary and most of the line up was enhanced with a yellow detail on the hull that resembled their anniversary logo. The Hurricane is an unusual model with the sloped transom and the Arrow motif on the foredeck, the double planking also made it rather expensive so their were not that many built. Finding the history of an old Correct Craft is difficult as I’m told most records were lost to a fire I believe in 1969. So we don’t know how many were made or how many still exist but this is the only example of the boat I can find anywhere, I’d love to know if there’s another one out there in Woodyboaterland.


We purchased it about 6 years ago and have spent the last 4 winters doing a complete restoration. I have always wanted to build a planked wood boat but had never found the right boat when one morning over coffee I saw this boat advertised on a ski boat forum I frequent. The sloped transom caught my eye but the fact that I’ve been a waterskier for 35 years and this was a Correct Craft ( of Ski Nautique fame) made me think I needed to jump on the opportunity. A phone call and 750 miles later and we were on our way back home with her. Turns out the boat had been put in a barn in 1975 and left there until it was purchased for restoration in 2001. That owner disassembled the boat but then feel ill and it sat once again.


This was originally going to be a new 5200 bottom and refasten the topsides but once we started pulling the boat apart it became obvious the boat had been repaired several times before with 5200. This made saving any original planking futile so we were forced to replace everything. Bottom, topsides and deck were all replaced with new inner ply and planking so the entire boat is now 5200 water tight and solid as a rock.



Of course we had other surprises when dismantling the boat as we had to replace all transom framework and build a new stem. One of the biggest challenges was the fact that we bought the boat already taken apart, we had to rent a uhaul to bring back piles of rusted dirty old boat parts that were all supposed to go in that hull. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle I spent hours reassembling hardware and figuring out mechanical systems. This was my first restoration of a wood boat so there were many hours reading, researching, sourcing parts and materials, etc but in the end we’re pretty happy with the results and I think we ended up with a pretty decent amateur restoration.


The power plant was another journey all together, the original power was a straight six Grey marine 100hp and had been replaced with a 327 v8 Grey that “Ran when the boat was put away in 1975”. In reality the motor was junk and needed a full rebuild and since it was not even an available option in 1955 we decided to search for a replacement engine of the correct vintage. We ended up finding the premium power option for 1955 in a 331 CI Chrysler Hemi so a quick 2500 mile trip and a long weekend down to Florida secured that for us.


Here are some great photos of Soul Mate all finished!







Amazing stuff, Thanks Alan!

Amazing stuff, Thanks Alan!



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  1. Wes Yandt
    Wes Yandt says:

    What a gorgeous boat and very cool story. I also love the name.

    Can you share a photo with us of you skiing behind her?

    Enjoy your hard work!!


  2. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    First restoration project? Alan, you rock! Thanks for sharing your story and for saving a beautiful piece of history.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    What a rare and beautiful boat. That 331 must get a skier up real quick if it doesn’t pull his arms out! A Ski Nautique (Correct Craft) dealer near our cottage has a very cool wood Correct Craft, although it does not have the sloped stern. I have been trying to get him to bring it to a show for years, but he always tells me he is too busy. Boats like these should be shared with other WoodyBoaters.

  4. Rich Marschner
    Rich Marschner says:

    Man, that 331 hemi looks like it came right out of the first model of Chrysler 300 from 1955…dual quads and all…sweet!

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    What a great first effort…..unbelievable really, thanks for sharing….GO BOATING! That engine with “scare yo mama”,

    John in Va.

  6. 51Resorter
    51Resorter says:

    Great job! Been watching your progress on Danenberg’s forum. Beautiful boat and you work looks excellent.

  7. Phillip JONES
    Phillip JONES says:

    Great looking engine, and the torque should pull you about 5′ clear of the water on startup, but the Rich take another peek, they are dual SINGLE carbs. Now these are DUAL CARBS set on a Hemi 354. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    FRANCHINI says:

    Fantastic job Alan! Having a few wood Correct Crafts myself, I have followed this build from day one. If you really have some time to spend, go to http://www.correctcraftfan.com and look for the thread called 1955 Hurricane restroration. It is filled with pictures and text documenting this great project.

  9. Cobourg Kid
    Cobourg Kid says:

    Cool story Alan… it’s hard to believe that your rare CC was not the product of a “professional restoration”. The depth of the finish alone looks absolutely bottomless! Wise folks say that the creation of marvellous things takes patience, reflection and skill. Your six years of persistence is a perfect example of that principle in action.

  10. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hey Allan, watching your restoration on the Danenberg forum has been a real inspiration for me. You should be very proud of your efforts. Your statement of a pretty decent amateur restoration is an understatement. Have fun enjoying that beautiful boat!

  11. Matt B
    Matt B says:


    Great work the boat turned out great, you should be very proud. Are we going to see it at the Lake Geneva Boat show later this month? I would love to see it person.

    • Alan
      Alan says:

      Matt, that was the plan but we have a can’t miss wedding to attend in SC that weekend. We do plan to be at Mt DOra in the spring.

  12. thomas d.
    thomas d. says:

    my 2nd wood boat was a ’57 correct craft, they ride as good as any chris craft. i still have it but it’s in about 10 feet of water.

  13. Alan
    Alan says:

    Hey thanks for the compliments everyone, it means a lot when it comes from peers and mentors of this great hobby.

    We’ve been out a couple of times in her and I’m happy to say we “almost” have the bugs worked out of the mechanicals but the Hemi feels super strong and we’re getting close to making her dependable. She jumps up on plan instantly and actually handles remarkably well.

    Ps. The boat is named after my lovely wife who endured much more than I over those four years of restoration.

  14. Alan
    Alan says:

    Alan, I’m truly awestruck by the quality of your first time restoration. Also, what a neat choice of a sharp, uncommon boat. Enjoy every second of your accomplishment.

  15. Troy
    Troy says:


    You are an insperation. I maintain some wood boats but do not think I would dare take on suchs huge project.

    We have a Correct Craft on our lake that has been there since I can remember. I was informed this weekend that if you look at it closely the screws are installed for the inside and double planked all the way up to the deck.

  16. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    If you were a ‘footer it could be Sole Mate! Love the old Correct Crafts. Glad to see another one saved. Congrats on a beautiful job.

  17. Chris Morley
    Chris Morley says:

    Alan, beautiful Correct Craft. I was wondering if you have any information on 1950’s models. I have a friend who is restoring an 18″ utility, and we cannot find any information about it or any wooden correct crafts. I would appreciate any information you have.

  18. Jim Prickett
    Jim Prickett says:

    My 1962 plywood Correct Craft Tournament Skier is spending the winter in the shop getting a face lift. Can anyone share some details with me to make this boat a correct Correct Craft.
    Jim Prickett
    Powers Lake, Wisconsin

  19. Jim Prickett
    Jim Prickett says:

    I understand the framing on the interior is exposed. Was it varnished or painted? What color for bildge? What color upolstery?

  20. Chip Hill
    Chip Hill says:

    Hello Alan,

    Looks awesome… In your Correct Craft travels have you come across any other Correct Craft project or almost project boats?

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