A & M Classic Boat Restorations.

Funny thing about great classic boat shows. You walk through them in a daze. It’s a sensory overload for sure. Being that the odds of seeing a classic boat on any given day is about the same as finding one hundred bucks on the street. Anyway… What I usually find is that the real show plays out in my head weeks if not months later. The real winners come to mind. One such case was Misty Morning, There is a killer Express, and this regular 25 foot Utility. What the? I am into odd things. But a big utility, and a 1948 to boot, not the cool blue gage pre-war U22. Well, looking back now over the photos and digging into the googlemanator. It was the fact that someone would care enough about there big utilty to do a full restoration her. And for the record the lines on the 48 are beautiful.

A & M Restorations in Rockaway, NJ. Redwing had found it’s savior. Boat Owner Craig Bradley must be one proud son of a gun. A &M is owned by Joe Aversa and Wayne Mocksfield Business meets experience. Click on there web site.